The truth about Slenderman | New Documentary HD 2015


Please look : ” Illuminati Conspiracy 2015 WORLD WAR 3 This summer – New World Order is coming Jim Carey ” …


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  1. Jonas Nor says:

    I stopped the vid because the guy scared me whit his voice only messin

  2. Yes… We do say that he isn't real.. But.. Look back.. This.. Entity has been around since 9000 BC.. We Dont Actually know whats out there… We Can't make guarantee's.. Until they reveal themselves to us

  3. Flash Back says:

    hes a myth made up by a person

  4. it's either he is a demon or an alien.

  5. Awake 1975 says:

    slender man is as real as people will make him. unfortunately, there are some fucked up people in this world. Life imitates art, and art is subjective.

  6. I'm not saying he's real but what i do know is that anything can become real with enough belief, hype and fear. Hallucinations will happen I can assure you of this, but its up to you to control how much you give in.

  7. tommy ayers says:

    spoilers/conspiracy slenderman is a man/thing who kills potetail killers because he has future sight

  8. John Porras says:

    It's an Alien or a demon that dose experiments or just kills them

  9. John Porras says:

    It's an Alien or a demon that dose experiments or just kills them

  10. whether slenderman exists or not is not even the real point. think about this for a minute. earth, our home planet is within a certain temperate zone far enough away and just close enough to our Sun to support and sustain cellular reproduction, through synthesis, osmosis, and mitosis. What we know of our known universe is that not only are there another billion or so planets within our own galaxy, but that A large percentage are theorized to fall within the same temperate zones or "Gold zones" from the stars they revolve, these areas are commonly referred to as Goldie locks. This data is readily available And has been proved fact from the Keppler telescope currently orbiting Jupiter. now if our own galaxy which is billions and billions of light years in circumference, has literally billions of planets that could potentially facilitate life, and it is commonly believed in mainstream astronomy that there are billions of potential galaxies holding an infinite amount of planets, that are within the gold zones of billions of stars, is it even logically and rationally possible that our earth is the only, the single solitary planet to have life of Any kind on it? if even one single celled organism is in existence beyond the van Allen radiation belt around our planet, then all monotheistic religion is disproved, our beliefs for thousands of years made to be works of fiction. maybe that would be why the world's powers deny E.T.'s. the masses would panic, the global structure would Crumble, wars would erupt. the very human species would systematically undo 2000 years of nurtured and cultivated progress into what we are today. I suggest everyone that watches this or reads my post to just think like a logical and rational person, look at quantifiable facts not stories and conjecture. if you can look past the fear you initially receive when you actually realize it's basically statistically impossible for us to be alone. you might just figure out that all the violence on our planet is a show to keep us entertained. that we are conditioned not to look outward and to dismiss theories of quantifiable data as lies and conspiracy when it's actually the stories you were told from the start were the ones to question. I hope this has opened at least one person out there's mind. we need to wake the F### up. or we will not survive and advance beyond the next century. believe statistics and fact people. not ghost stories and a book with literally a thousand different variations until they got it where it is today. the fact some people believe those stories actually happened word for word….amazing. Think of the time period. think of the culture. murder, rape, pillaging, theft, land disputes, poverty abound,…so rich men made a set of rules. and said this is the importAnt stuff that we gotta stop. and mainstream religion was born. the flood story being in many different works merely reflects a pole shift and the ice caps flooding the earth upon that shift. not very hard to think they'd all write it down. you've been lied to. and then told believe or else your so will burn. greatest lie in the history of our species. Because you know, knowing what happens upon death is just so easy to describe n all after you die to the still living. Aliens exist. Mainstream religions are lies. nothing awaits us but recycled energy and mass. nonexistence is most likely. like before you were born. take the time to educate yourself on what is really important. hug your kids, wives, husbands, parents, siblings. say you love them. because at any moment, you will never get to again. don't toil in futility for the rest of your lives denying what is the truth. we are not. and have never been alone. and it's not a spirit that is with us. good day children.

  11. Slender man is real and the fires are made by him.He'll mind control and make you kill someone,but if you don't he'll kill you and burn your house down with your family in the house.

  12. Bobbi Lemons says:

    if senderman was real, he would most likley be a tulpa or a wendigo. look it up. oh and slenderman is just a brilliant work of fiction.

  13. James Vozar says:

    i want to believe

  14. Holy shit!!!!…. SlenDa-man is in my toilet!!!!No tea and crumpets for fackin SLENDA-!!!!!!!MAN!!!!!!!!

  15. HEY DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!, SLeNda-mAns as real as your moms apple pie!!!!! FaCK u!!!!! Slenda~man will haunt your cheeseburger…….FOREVER!!!!!!!!

  16. Stephen r King wrote a book one Jeepers Creepers or something like that.
    Must be The best document on this poor loser. I mean the one that uploaded this disgraced .
    I. On e the other hand know AL THE FACTS ABOUT… MYSELF

    Seriously, it's time for your Risperdal.

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