The Truth About World War I: The Hidden History


The hidden history of World War One: how and why the West almost committed suicide, and how far the shadows of the Great War stretch into the present – and the future.

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British Schools

Women’s Role



35 Responses

  1. St Trinian's says:

    well presented, enjoyable and I shall return to listen to your thoughts in the future!

  2. St Trinian's says:

    the football game is haunting to think about even now, so yer I have a tear in my eye has I type this short message:)

  3. ".We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.'" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    The moment of sanity on December 25, 1914 sprung from the mind of Jesus. Jesus opposed the organized religion of his day and paid the price for it. He lives on in those who practice love, mercy and forgiveness as he did. This is what Paul called the "foolishness of the gospel." Go past the Churches and listen to Jesus himself. Those who do, find rest and much more.

  4. TL Winslow says:

    Yes, a sketchy knowledge of WWI could easily lead one to believe it was all an insidious Marxist plot to have the white race self-destruct so that they could replace Europe's pop. with non-whites, especially Muslims, like we see every day now. Too bad, nobody is that smart or well-connected to orchestrate a conspiracy like that and get anywhere. Unfortunately, the white race did it to itself, and nobody could stop it. Marxists just fed on the decay. The more one looks into the details, the more hopeless it gets to find a hidden hand running everything. I know, I have the best history of WWI ever made, and make it available free to all who will study it, which is to say it's not very popular because nobody's cracking a whip. Maybe Molyneux should try it before pontificating any more. It's free on my Historyscoper Web site.

  5. TheRysumm says:

    The Bible says the the love of money is the root of all evil. Follow the money trail. People get rich from wars. Peoples emotions can be manipulated into going to war by those who get rich from wars.

  6. Very moving! Thank you so much for all that you do!

  7. Gato Villano says:

    I wonder what's your opinion of Churchill. According to what you said in this video, he would be considered has being part of the warrior class. And yet he loved reading. He had a passion for history and the arts. Since Churchill had a huge impact on WW1 and WW2, it would be interesting to know what do you think about that man.

  8. do a video on the dangers of masturbation and it's relation with The Left.

  9. You've forgot 1872 and Bismarck. At this point the centuries of Kingdoms died and the time of Chancelors and Presidents and Power of Parties began. And from there on the world turned into hell ….

  10. German aggression throughout Western Europe. Kaiser would have won if he didn't invade France and Belgium. German incompetence !!!

  11. Andi Lucas says:

    Dear Mr Molyneux – I was surprised and intrigued to hear that you too have ancestry in the Kingdom of Saxony (and specifically in Dresden, the capital). Do you know whether any of your German forebears served with its military (which since 1867 was part of the federal armed forces of Imperial Germany)? To my knowledge I am the only published writer in English to specialise in the history of the Royal Saxon Army in WW1, and have ready access to vast swathes of information on the subject. If you are interested in finding out more about the service history of any relatives with this army (or indeed any of the German armed forces for that matter) please feel free to get in touch.

    PS – about half of the front along which the 1914 Christmas Truce occurred was held by a Saxon corps, so if relatives of yours were indeed in the Saxon service at the time it is conceivable that they may have been involved!

  12. Great presentation. I had never realized the connection between state run schools and the rise of militarism in Europe and the US. Emotional information is welcome when genuine. Feel free to share, it might even make some of the rest of us realize the need to shed tear once in a while.

  13. I can also find history quite dramatic at times.
    Thank you 🙂

  14. Only just come across this video, fuck … you had me crying .

  15. Yes. That football match has haunted me for precisely the same reasons. That's the thing that happened in that mud without orders. It didn't just happen the once, and also not just in one place.

    What would have happened if the press had militantly circulated the truth on the day.

    What if the news of such a simple beautiful truly human thing, amid that disgusting crap, had gone round the world before the generals could get 'control' back over those millions of uniformed victims.

    I have since believed, (rather been unable to shake the idea no matter how old or drunk I get) that we could have seen ourselves and turned all this around there and then.

    If feel your pain on contemplating that game. But, it happened. It can happen again.

  16. Mary Heard says:

    Stefan, have you ever read any of Nichiren Daishonin's writings? He expounded the law of cause and effect in the 13th century. The SGI organization ( a lay organization ) practices the chant "nam myoho renge kyo" (the law). It might explain the "why" we keep falling prey to our own demise – ignorance of the law that as one sows so shall one reap. Now I have to say that general ignorance of the past and propaganda and someone chanting can be a lethal combination. I would much like to see the SGI members all listen to your works before chanting!!

  17. Texocracy says:

    So the Joos helped get the US into WW1. Too bad they weren't held accountable for their shenanigans. That should have been enough to justify yet another one of their many well deserved evictions.

  18. B Cooper says:

    A good day to you. An excellent video, thank you. I kindly must disagree with the most divisive and murderous genocidal war being WWI. That, unfortunate, honor should be given to the indigenous peoples of the Americas. An inexorable series of wars culminating in the extermination by the West, of numerous Native Nations, and in turn, the occupation of what is now being called Settler States, the United States, Canada, and all the Spanish conquered countries to the south. Moreover, the indigenous peoples that remain are endangered by the rampant "Modernization" (read: Western) conditioning of consumerism, culminating in the loss of their language, replaced by Spanish, and now English, and the concomittant change of their clothing, etc.Their cultures have been struggling against a society that relegates them to a less important role as a variety of peoples, than others from say, Europe. To this day, justification of one reason or another has continued to blind the Western peoples to the ongoing struggles that have not ended after almost 530 years. This war is old, and relatively unknown, and still ongoing, although it has changed techniques and strategies.. WWI lasted four years, and yes, a horrible war it was, but it ended-although other wars were created afterward in Europe and the surrounding area. I have a sneaking suspicion that what happens in and around Europe is much more important than what happens to other people in different parts of the world. To end, indigenous peoples of the Americas should be at the forefront of our conscious minds to end this tragedy and help restore some semblance of respect, at least, to our indigenous brothers and sisters.

  19. jax man says:

    he is right on about government run schools.

  20. David Tong says:

    So many great minds, so much progress lost, in an ocean in blood

  21. EnnoiaBlog says:

    When food get scarce, humans send their youngest adult males off to die. Oh, they make all sorts of alternative 'reasons' for needing to war. But food scarcity and/or poor economic conditions is a huge and unspoken one. It's as if we don't want to admit it.

    Slowly marching into machine gun fire in order to take a trench that you won't be able to hold, and don't really WANT to hold — is just an algorithm to destroy life. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

  22. agape423 says:

    99 years of peace? Hello!!!!!! What about the Prussian war of 1871. That's does not count I guess. And by the way it was one of the basis for WW1

  23. The first world war was the western banking cartels way of dealing with Germany who was becoming a threat both with their large economic growth, recent defeat of napoleon III with superior krupp cannons and of course converting their entire naval fleet to run on the fuel of the future (see Diesel/petroleum).
    Germany even had a plan to build a railway (and were already constructing it) directly into Baghdad which would supply the necessary oil for their ships.

    Great Britain knew to stop this before Germany became too powerful and drummed up all of the support necessary to start the war. The first British troops were sent to Baghdad!

    If you aren't controlled by those who control the worlds currency (central banks) then you are an obstruction that will be liquidated with extreme prejudice.

    Also: As much as I agree that religion is regularly used to manipulate populations and create obedience, there is such a thing as genuine faith practiced by many privately who do not deserve the reputation these zealots have received by association.. Whether you agree with it or not is fine but nobody truly knows everything, and probably never will.

  24. I got teary eyed when he tallks about the the soccer game in no mans land. I've known about it, but the way he describes it here is utmost depressing.

  25. Stompacks says:

    Based on what I have seen so far in the short few days since discovering your channel I have come to expect nothing less than excellence. And boy, you certainly don't fail to deliver every time. I really have no words that can do this one justice – the best I can do is to drop 'sheer' just before the 'excellence' but alas, language still fails me.

  26. 39:00 One of my favourite moments in your videos, very meaningful Stef. I've also been haunted by this since learning about it at a veterans day ceremony at school in grade 3.

  27. coleride says:

    Love his stuff but yikes on "more trade equals less war" Check your history there

  28. The 19th Century was far from peaceful. Let me list just a few of the highlights: American Civil war, Franco-Prussian war, Crimean war, Austro-Prussian war, Italian wars of Independence, Carlist wars, uprisings just about everywhere in Europe around 1848, the various Ottoman wars, and a myriad of smaller conflicts, both at home and in the colonies. If anything, the peaceful period before WW1 lasted about 10-15 years, and was aptly named "la Belle Epoque".

    WW1 was far deadlier than all of the above combined, but all of the military decision-makers at the time thought it would be quick and relatively painless, just like the other wars before. It was in large part due to sheer incompetence actually. They most certainly wouldn't have started it if they had known how it would turn out.

  29. Amazing Stefan, very powerful. I was raised in the warrior class. went to West Point, and yet I knew it was wrong, I had a deep spiritual need for truth, which is so absent in everything, but there for those who seek it. I have been called a truth seeker the last two decades, because I started writing. To be honest, I am not there, I still do not know the truth, but I keep searching. I have been writing fiction under a different penname, and much of the truths I had sought and learned are there. I have to admit, never in all my writing have I ever come close to summarizing the world's history as well as you. You have a remarkable mind. Funny, I just had an argument with someone who had no idea who FDR was. There is such ignorance out there, so I greatly appreciate your efforts to enlighten the planet to the truths. I have just started watching your channel, I intend to watch and study all of the videos, so thank you very much.

  30. l dis agree this vedio?

  31. No more brother wars.

  32. Anj Kovo says:

    There is a great film about that Christmas meet up in the trenches called Joyeux Noel (2005)………………… A MUST SEE

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