The Truth About World War III | United States vs. Russia


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  1. Thank you …..You are not nearly as smart as you tell us. But you are smarter than our leaders……….THANK FOR LOOKIN OUT….

  2. Willow Dawn says:

    I don't see the USA building bunkers and emergency for us here in the USA

  3. America is the most dangerous country in the world and their behaviour is making a 3rd world war very likely.  If America attacks Russia they attack the world and wipe out mankind.  Man is dumb

  4. You are a very clever man, intelligent and well clued about life.  Awesome channel Thanks for sharing

  5. Kyle Simmons says:

    The Selective Service System, here in the United States, legally requires MEN ONLY to register.

    The Senate recently passed a bill to include women, which hasn't been signed into Law.

    Electing Hillary Clinton as President (and Commander/Chief of the Armed Forces) is the MOST morally irresponsible thing to do. Consider the fact that a WOMAN will have the Executive Action to send MEN ONLY to their deaths. This is something very sobering to consider. The bill can be easily vetoed, despite Hillary saying she supports it. Her track record for lying, baiting and switching speaks for itself.

    If people en masse are stupid enough to vote for Hillary Clinton, they might as well crave out a Headstone for the birth and death of the United States and bury the Statue Of Liberty in it's grave as well as the rest of the country.

  6. Ace Ventura says:

    Stefan, I like you show, and I'm anti military, but there is one side that strikes me often as I am vary anti military and that is… strategically, we can't let the middle east be taken by China and Russia. there's a long standing strategic location to asia… who controls it controls the pass there… it's important… any thoughts

  7. Hey man, just found your channel. Great stuff! Keep it up!!!

  8. hem147 says:

    Based on the current polls, I'd best start stocking up on my bottle caps. Thanks for the heads up Stefan!

  9. Robert Green says:

    Hillary is the Whore of Babylon and her Spawn (the Anti-Christ) is Tim Kaine! You can see Lucifer in his eyes and smile!!!

  10. sad thing is that the us probably wont feel the brunt of the effects from the war, sheltered in its own bubble, too far away to get attacked but by some small icbm missiles. free to feel vulnerable to police the world from that point and onwards.

  11. This Scenario is not to be taken lightly even a Light Exchange will kill MILLIONS Most Likely will start with a Volley Of EMP Detonations at high altitude, Power Grid, Computers, Cars,Trucks and Even Military bases will lose a Large Majority of there Capability lets Not Forget All of Our Nuclear Reactors No Power No Cooling = Meltdown- anyone remember Fukushima ?
    Then Weeks of fallout So This is not even Remotely funny. Not a video game ToTo. My Best advice is Jamming you Senators Congressman and the Zombie MSM to at least Fart a bit more on this Dangerous Nightmare, Praying yes that too and Yes Prepare how many of us are ? Sadly not Enough But Even then . Areas around Chernobyl are still not Habitable And that Event Occurred 26 April 1986 and that was ONE Reactor Core Not Several Thousand War Heads. So DO The Math.

  12. dan dun says:

    china needs to step up and move its forces into syria if she gets in on nov 8th

  13. j. martins says:

    Serious, we have to call the Avengers.

  14. Thomas Need says:

    I never could understand how people bought Obama's. bullshit in 2008. I didn't vote for him because I didn't buy the change shit.

  15. Justin S says:

    I would leave to fight in a heartbeat if it was like ww2 where we were the good guys but the people don't want war with Russia to fight for the globalists

  16. Justin S says:

    Listen to this man

  17. also state and military officials will be demoted if they don't hurry back (Russian decree)

  18. Fulcrum112 says:

    Smug middle class liberals live their sheltered lives in their suburbs caring for nothing but money and social recognition. The whole world could burn for all they care. They are so disconnected from collective life that they have deceived themselves into thinking politics does not effect them. They will vote for Clinton and then get the biggest shock of their lives when they wake up to see her or Putin on television declaring war.

  19. Hillary told the viewers to "google Donald Trump Iraq" this may be a good Title for your Previous video that show Donald Trump not hot and heavy for conflict in Iraq like Hillary suggests. I'm sure Hillary's army has some nasty anti-Trump propaganda attached to this google search topic that she wants peoples to see maybe yours can be viewed instead.

  20. Dammit, Stefan! About every other video, or more, I find myself going, "wow, that's the best work he's ever done." "No, THAT'S the best work he's ever done." "No, THAT'S…."

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