The Truth of Reality (Documentary 2016)



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  1. reality is understanding confusion and configuring it to your own mind state

  2. markIOP123 says:

    old ideas, old concepts,

  3. NSANE ONE says:

    The world of God is the only reality!!!

  4. mad honeybee says:

    they Dance when no one is looking.

  5. What they do not tell is that we are all the biological quantum computers that emit and receive the Quantum WI-FI of our own data to/from each other.

  6. Robert James says:

    Atomic time not universal each quark string or atom wateva – each one, is its own universe but as whole population they seem to make a working multiverse

  7. eL3ctr1c4L says:

    Want to know what reality is ? Smoke DMT or 5-MeO-DMT and you'll find out 999% present. It only takes just a few minutes. You'll thank me later.

  8. ? this is when you forget the power of multimedia and need to get high as f4ck.. you don't know and it's good for you..

  9. TillaMC says:

    Its pretty simple really and its proven using primer fields. I'm doing some videos explaining this but please check it out. It changed my life for even in such an amazing way.
    Lol, when you actually prove to yourself and then accept this is a simulation, things get amazing in a "insane" way. Its fu*king crazy if I'm honest but its undeniable.
    Put it this way, once I realised for myself, the tumour attached to the nerve inside my t5 spine, scoliosis, compressed nerves (and few other issues) ALL stopped hurting!
    I'm not kidding. It left a lot of people scratching their heads but it feels amazing.
    Lol, if my back wasn't so knackered I think they wouldve thought I was nuts but they simply couldn't explain it nor tell me I'm wrong. Only confirm my case this is a simulation.
    Check out my channel as I begin to explain how/why this is so you an realise for yourself. I promise you, once you have True Realisation, you will feel better than you ever imagined. Lol I was even dancing around the house for hours with my crippled back and it felt great!
    As they say, "the truth shall set us free"

  10. We find nothing digestible in this weird pseudo science

  11. Jeff Allen says:

    Simple answer; Reality is the culmination of our senses.

  12. So, according to physics, it is possible for a human to pass through a solid wall…..and given enough time, it will happen one or more times…… Right? This is what HE says around the beginning!! Yet, if you told ANY scientist that you or a friend passed through a solid wall, THEY would immediately say that you are either crazy or a liar and are absolutely Wrong…..because That would be "impossible"!!! I love how scientists are Never Ever Hypocrites!!! That's why I have SOoo much confidence in the things they say!!!

  13. jam guanzon says:

    People have become so advance and fascinated with given science and technology that they forgot reality is of the OLD living and way of life being better than modern times. Having Gratitude, acknowledgement to the creator and love among others.

  14. Ray Larson says:

    Where art thou Hannah?

  15. this is so stupid

  16. More unsubstantiated claims, your failures to understand reality and the resulting madness of your Skull and Bones Moloch bird brain worshiping "secret societies" seem to be foolish cults of late more so as has been the case in the past.

    Thieves souls die in fires and have only markers to keep their scores.

    Your prophets of Darwin and Dawkins, and the theories of the fool Hawking imprisoned in his wheal chair are but simpletons to the designer of the dimensional membrane.

    Your simpleton tax funded cultures / cults / religions are no more then a foolish endeavor to find and mine answers from greater minds then your own as thieves and fools that love to steal and lie.

    So much for the wisdom's of the cosmic owl and your elites.

    When theories are based upon only partial truths as well as theories and conjecture, it is good as basing your universal perceptions upon lies.

    Here are the lies you have spoken..

    Here are the truths of history known of the variations of designs of mankind.

    However seeing that you believe in the theory of evolution perhaps you might evolve a better mind then the defective one you now use to explain reality.

    Always with your foolishness and hypothetical failures, you fail time and time again to prove your claims and your failings become a liars garments of history.

    Never knowing what is truth, you live in a lie, you live in confusion and chaos.

    Then you grade the next generation of foolish slaves children on conforming to the lie in your mind altering conformity systems of mental slavery and mind control.

    It is such a waste of tax payers dollars in your ludicrous wastes of manpower to state foolishness of theory as facts.

    No better then basing your knowledge of the past upon lies and twisting of language to make an unimpressive Gog and Ma Gog look more important they they are in truth.

    That would be your foolish demon lord religions of the Abraham cults.

    You doubt the nature of reality and it's solidification.

    The Matrix of the electromagnetic vibration frequencies of matter are very real, you may doubt them.

    However you can not remove the fields of the unseen and you receive the punishment for your transgressions if you indeed do try as you much about with what you call sciences.

    They the unseen forces bind and control the stability of what is called the physical domains of slowed vibration of frequencies and waves.

    You with your new names for old things distort reality and its true natures.

    Suffer the little children in the ignorance they make.

  17. I downloaded this …. We are being occupied

  18. Don't replace Woo with more Woo. There are possibilities that are really improbabilities. No, you can't pass through a wall because the wave functions are not on your side. If you were a small quantum sized wave, then you could pass through a wall.
    That's reality. The other Woo that lay people, who don't know how to do the math, come up with are not reality.

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