The UFO incident


Betty and Barney Hill ended up an American few who claimed to have been kidnapped by extraterrestrials in a rural part of New Hampshire on September 19–20, 1961. This is a 1975 film about that case.


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  1. LosRioDelMar says:

    while I brier Betty hill I think they falsified parts of her encounter snd she said some wasn't correct on how she was treated by the beings.

  2. Man, The over-acting is far too much

  3. Tracy Clark says:

    as a Blackman, I can honestly tell yu ,,these two people weren't out for attention,,,,they were mix couple way before it was OK,,,,,,,yeah I'm telling yu yu this shit really,happened,,,,tripped out as it is,,,,,,,

  4. Native Star says:

    That lady acting good her act like a drunk lady that's complaining about everything. Annoying.

  5. Anno Deos says:

    seems very real the story, but, how come an alien never b4 came across dentures? or seemingly had no knowledge of them? highly suspect, thats 1, 2,is, how would a ufo need landing legs? seems absolutely ridiculous, maybe a montauk project? so that would bettys in the clear and not telling lies, but nonetheless,she may have been decieved?i have seen ufos, lots of times, i just do not know what they are.or if they are from here or inner earth,under the ocean,or some other Planet,but they most certainly do exist.

  6. VIKINGODIN says:

    The force is weak as fuck here!

  7. VIKINGODIN says:

    James Earl Jones???????

  8. TheRedDevil says:

    Read the book, "An Interrupted Journey." The film is obviously edited, but the report stays the same. Obviously a TRUE ACCOUNT of what happened to these people. Both Barney, and Betty, stuck to the same story, albeit YEARS, DECADES, later (in the case of Betty) until their deaths.

  9. Mr Camoron says:

    Why would Aliens need to use needles etc, with all of their high technology etc? And why would one of them be nice, and the other evil?

  10. Mike Hunt says:

    The actors got an annoying screachy American voice! The tests were a decoy, the real tests are to maintain the 2 strand human DNA, to stop it evolving to 3 or more strands.

  11. No way this is false. A totally true account of an abduction.

  12. The aspect ratio on this drives me nuts! Obviously when this film came out for tv, it was when televisions had cathode ray tubes and were in the old school 4:3 aspect ratio. Whoever recorded this had a widescreen 16:9 tv. Whoever recorded this needed to have the image with pillar boxes in order to maintain the correct aspect ratio. It drives me up the wall when the image is all stretched out and flattened like this! Argh, dude! It is not always better to have the entire screen filled up. My dad does that on his tv and it must be an older generation thing.

  13. It is true. I saw it, along with my U.S. Navy shipmate Glenwood Ingham, of West Palm Beach, FL. We were driving, just after 9 pm, on the night the Hill's had their encounter, from Lewiston to our base N.A.S. Brunswick, Maine. We stopped the car when we saw this UFO gyrating in the distant sky through the car front windshield. We got out and watched it for several minutes. I came to understand that the UFO was looking for a place to land on earth, which it did in New Hampshire, just to the south of where we were, a few minutes later. My statement re this incident is on file with the U. New Hampshire, which maintains an extensive file on this incident involving the Hill's contact with life from outer space.

  14. Every time I watch a film/documentary involving this couple, I can't help thinking about Fred & Wilma's next door neighbours

  15. Dawn Dennis says:

    James Earel Jones as Barney Hill! Awesome!

  16. Mike Kane says:


  17. dragdragon23 says:

    this is the best story ever and all other movies can't compare to it, The actors really done a Amazing job! is it true? it make it seem so true, it could be true!

  18. sexobscura says:

    betty hill was obviously a racist bigot without any need for them

  19. and the aliens reported back the intelligence ranking is as such…

  20. Diana H says:

    People, please do yourself a favor and watch "The Lost Betty Hill Interview" in its intirety. The movie makers completely changed the story of Betty and Barney. According to Betty, it was pretty much the opposite of what was depicted here. According to her, she invited the beings in and said "Please, please come back, I have so many friends who would like to meet you!". She said she had a "great time". She said they stopped when they were hurting her navel. They also spoke verbally, not telepathically. At first I thought there were some dramatizations, but listening to Betty Hill I realized the movie makers changed the story completely. This move is a misleading misrepresentation, to say the least. Listen to the interview and decide for yourself.

  21. David R says:

    This is 1975 produced government propaganda and misinformation.

  22. JOHN WRIGHT says:

    Acting is Fantastic. Wonderful

  23. What the hell are they talking about? They're talking about this "thing" that they aren't sure happened, yet we never saw it. Are they talking about the crazy kids? Or is some of the movie just missing?

  24. Hairy Neck says:

    Believe UFOs at your will, BUT you cannot deny something very weird went on.

  25. What was the book she was told she could have? The writing is in Arabic. ???

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