The Ultimate Conspiracy – Documentary lit Exposed (Part 1 )


Part 1 : This is a documentary about the ” enlightened” and conspiracy ultimat of devil worship and its time for you to wake up and not belive all the …


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  1. ThomAitken7 says:

    @kontekijke I think this may be the best thing I've read honestly it's refreshing to see someone who isn't stupid enough to fall for this shit

  2. kontekijke says:

    @ThomAitken7 Thank you, And dont believe what they say about meetings, Whatever signs are where.

    You know what is real and what not, you just must not think twice.

  3. @johnnymanXDisable don't worry, they may look powerful now but God is going to take them down oneday soon!! He knew this would happen all along and He will show His victory and dominance over all evil one day!! And if you think God doesn't exist – then what the elite is doing wouldn't be happening. Praise Yahweh and His Son Jesus!!!! When we Praise our Lord the enemy loses his power!!! 🙂 bless you friend!

  4. Kieran Tatum says:

    STOOOOOPID Arabs flew planes into the building. stop being so fucking dumb

  5. PaxStudio says:

    @kierantatum ay kid stfu why are u watching this then if u think its fake

  6. Kieran Tatum says:

    @beast31ful if you seriously believe in this shit your a fucking retard go outside for once instead of making these shitty videos you fuck

  7. PaxStudio says:

    @kierantatum calm down fa

  8. greghar2003 says:

    The Muslim religion is nothing like Christianity as noted in your upload comments!!! In fact, they are complete opposites. One will give rise to the antichrist while the other provides us with our Savior! Remember, God Forgives and Jesus Saves!!!

  9. Logan Finsel says:

    Even if the illuminati did try and take over, there would be people like you and me who would dissagree and and cause mass riots all over the country until eventually there is a war of some sort. It would take them so long to actually do anything that you really dont have shit to worry about (if its even real)

  10. straight up 9/11 was an inside job…the government let it happen. i was 13 when 9/11 happened and i remember them saying debris from the towers made building 7 fall…back then i believed, i'm like damn, i was an ignorant child. at least i was a kid and had an excuse.

  11. RvGJK says:

    ye ye they must have because building 7 collapsed in 6sec without! being struck and the BBC are so amazing they even knew the future that day they reported that building 7 had collapsed at 17:07 and yet it didn't go down until 17:20 and not to mention you can see it in the report still standing fine!

  12. Hrafnkell S says:

    all you americans are in deep shit … belive me…. start doing something

  13. Oh really do some research on it I bet you will find a conspiracy on your hands.

  14. greghar2003 says:

    Maybe you should tell that to the satanists who run this world. Maybe you can convince them to stop all their satanic rituals and other nonsense so the people on this planet can actually live a better life than deal with their manipulations, wars and catastrophes.
    My guess is, you're all talk. There's a reason why these things come to pass, but you would rather live in denial than accept the truth hitting you upside your head?!

  15. greghar2003 says:

    Yes you have. it's your choice to learn about these things or not. That would include but not limited to history as well. Maybe i should ask you, why you "don't believe Jesus was anything the bible says he was"??
    Also, how well do you notice your surroundings? And how familiar are you with the various happenings in this world?

  16. greghar2003 says:

    Okay, have you researched this at all to help make an informed opinion?
    Could you please answer if you believe in the existence and historical accuracies of ancient Greek author Homer (known for Homer's Illiad), or Plato, or Aristotle or Julius Caesar?

  17. greghar2003 says:

    That depends on your awareness of the environment and discernment used to process the information. It's you're choice to provide, but they offer additional insight.

  18. yeah you might be right actually….To tell you the truth I am really doubting my faith right now and am almost on the brink of leaving. I'm being serious by the way, this is no joke.

  19. MsErica Tiff says:

    this is silly, in my opinion. Everyone is free to have their own opinions. If your on here to leave a response you should not be making judgement on others. its called a conspiracy for a reason. There is no tangible evidence..evidence is not what "someone" believes is real. Be cautious of what you believe, what you read, watch and hear. Ask yourself if its really your belief or where you convinced by an outside force example…..internet, radio, documentary, friends or whatever

  20. The illuminati look at the world as the OLD WORLD ORDER

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