The ULTIMATE SXM Plane Spotting Spotting Compilation


Just over 6 minutes of plane spotting footage from St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport! This video features arrivals filmed from the world famous Maho Beach, …


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  1. Looked like you had a great time in St Marten! Amazing shots in this video as well! Big like from me! :D

  2. pilotA380 says:

    what were those people doing at 0:03?!

  3. Rahman Sajid says:

    That First Airfrance though!

  4. Awesome stuff man! A big thumbs up!

  5. YQBspotting says:

    That was so amazing! Fantastic compilation! Loved it :D

  6. Dez Rosswess says:

    Good variety, gulfstreams always look cool coming in there.

  7. atlubeck says:

    Great spotting video as always! Liked!

  8. 99carnot says:

    One of the best SXM compilations I have seen. Liked!

  9. Fantastic compilation mate!! !

  10. ThePlanesNet says:

    Nice footage. I subbed to you. May I get a sub back?

  11. Wonderful way to cap off the SXM footage 🙂 liked

  12. That was incredible! You're best video by far! Just had to share it mate! Perfectly filmed with great quality!

  13. WOW! So much action in only 6 minutes! Fantastic work, mate! Big like! :)

  14. Awesome compilation from the amazing SXM, this really makes me want to go there some day!

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