The Unanswered Questions of 9/11

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The events of 9/11 were tragic and huge. The body of evidence and the ever-growing number of facts that the US administration, the American-Israeli-European intelligence agencies, and many other extras were “possibly” involved, are also huge. The problem with summarizing this information is that the scale of the operation and its cover-up are also so vast. However, after all these years, the unanswered questions can still cut through the official accounts, the political “spin” AND the “deception” that changed the world as we knew it:

The Unanswered Questions of 9 11

1. Collapse of Twin Towers

No steel skyscraper had ever collapsed because of fire. Repeat: In the 100-year history of steel skyscrapers, none had ever collapsed because of fire. Given the shocking speed and neatness, and the fact that the buildings were pulverized instead of falling in chunks, it appears they fell due to a controlled demolition.

2. Collapse of WTCB #7

Almost 7 hours after the collapse of the second World Trade Center Building located 350 feet away from the North Tower, WTCB #7 also collapsed into its own footprint, displaying all the characteristics of a controlled demolition. It wasn’t even hit by a plane or debris.

3. Explosive Material in Dust

American and European physicists have analyzed 4 different Ground Zero dust samples that contain explosives and Thermite. This metal powder and oxide produces reaction that can reach temperatures of 4000 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds, which would account for the molten metal seen before the collapse.

4. Bombs at Towers

There are news clips of hundreds of eyewitnesses who are describing “explosions” and “bombs going off” before and after the planes hit the towers.

5. Magic Passports

An alleged 9/11 hijacker’s passport was conveniently found on a sidewalk before the South Tower’s collapse. The passport is perfectly intact after supposedly flying out of his pocket in the jet impact fireball.

6. United 93 Crash Site

The official story was that passengers overpowered the terrorists and crashed the plane, but then it was changed to the terrorists crashed the plane. Why was the debris spread out over eight miles? Normally the debris ends up in a small area.

7. Bin Laden’s “Confession” Tape

The “smoking gun” of Osama bin Laden’s guilt is a 2001 alleged confession tape where he takes full responsibility for the attacks. The Department of Defense did the translation but upon closer investigation, he is not taking credit for them.

8. Terrorism Drills & Non-Existent Air Defense

On the morning of 9/11, the US is running terrorism drills where hijacked aircraft go in and out of radar, fighter jets are sent out and planes are crashed into buildings. Why weren’t Air Force planes sent up to intercept the hijacked planes?

9. Attack on The Pentagon

Why won’t the Pentagon release video footage of this event? The Pentagon only released five still-frames. There was barely any debris, and yet the remains of the passengers were all physically identified. Also, the hole in the side of the Pentagon was too small for a 757 to fit into.

10. Cleanup Looked Like a Cover-up

Why was the debris from the Pentagon and the World Trade Center destroyed immediately? Normally forensic teams examine all evidence from a crime scene. Yet the steel was shipped to Korea and China, where it was melted down within days.

11. Insider Trading

Who were the big investors who knew 9-11 was about to happen? Neither the CIA nor the FBI arrested any of those who made millions from uncanny 9/11 stock trading.

12. The Federal Commission

Why did Bush block the formation of the 9/11 Commission? Why did it take 411 days to form it, when other commissions have been formed in less than a week?

After 13 years, these questions are still wide-ranging and overwhelming. What’s more, no one can say for sure he knows exactly what conspiracy happened on 9/11. We just know the official story can’t be right, and we absolutely need an international inquiry that will ask all of these questions and more. Altogether, this criminal deception and the subsequent illegal wars have done immense damage to the United States and the Middle East. So the only way to liberate ourselves and the world from continued enslavement to this deception is to understand how it was imposed and who were behind it. In doing so, we can thwart similar deceptions from happening again. Then, and only then, will the world be safe, secure, and at peace.


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