The United states will cause world war 3



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  1. Paul West says:

    Yes, you speak a truth many shall refuse to hear for the brain washing is nearly complete. Sadly, those in SO-CALLED power are counting on a world war too help depopulate the planet.

    the so-called representatives represent themselves as you probably already know they have highway system directly under the capitol that would rival our largest freeway about 400 feet underground with elaborate bunkers to boot. we know they staged 9/11 to cover up the theft of trillions but, that was only the tip of the iceberg look to those Trump rallies for a clue of just how close we are to a drastic change in our lifestyles…

  2. Logic? The U.S. have president with Muslim logic.
    WW3 is inevitable. 2 thirds of humanity will parish, and all those who think they can run out by hiding in nuclear shelters like rats, will only get rotten there and die.

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