The US Government Commits Chemical Assault Against Its Citizens

Michael Thomas

We find the current policy of spraying the skies of America, and many other nations around the world, to be an unlawful and flagrant assault against every inhabitant of Planet Earth.

We have also determined such a daily operation in our skies to be the clearest form of premeditated chemical assault; one which is being perpetrated upon the people around the world without cessation.

The US Government Commits Chemical Assault Against Its Citizens

Because of the severity and unrelenting nature of this harmful aerosolizing of our skies with toxic chemicals, we are compelled to move this advocacy in a whole new direction. This much more aggressive approach will be directed at revealing those individuals who are the philosophical promoters, scientific ‘heavyweights’ and political pushers of this dangerous transnational policy.

We will also pursue those individuals and organizations who are directly responsible for carrying out the day-to-day chemtrailing operations.

The ultimate goal in this regard is to expose those decision-makers at the very top of global governance who have ordered this extremely deleterious worldwide policy and implementation plan.

Toward that end we have provided below a “Mission Statement” which clearly articulates the legal and moral basis for such a highly consequential, sweeping and unprecedented global initiative. This statement also delineates, in very general terms, some of the process and procedure.

The bottom line is that there is room for every individual, who is appalled by the very notion of CHEMTRAILS, to take a stand, and do something about it.

May the Sun set, NOW and FOREVER on the last chemtrail laid down in our skies!

Here is the declaration for your review and serious consideration:


I. No one — no government, no corporation, no business, no individual or other entity under the sun — has the right to poison us or put toxins in our food, water, medicines, clothing, homes, automobiles, etc. Likewise, no one has the right to injure or harm us through any governmental law or statute, rule or regulation. Neither does any corporate process or procedure, which harms or defrauds, have any legitimacy in law.

II. The governments and corporations of the world are the primary offenders in this regard. They must each be identified by name so that they can be issued an immediate CEASE AND DESIST ORDER by We The People.

III. Only by calling out each corporation for their unlawful and injurious conduct, and naming their CEOs, Presidents and Board Chairs for their criminal behavior, will sufficient pressure be exerted to effectuate genuine, systemic and lasting change.

IV. If they continue their illegal behavior, they should be forced to resign. Likewise, their collaborators, throughout federal, state, and local governments, should be forced to relinquish their public roles.

V. Only in this way will the proxies of the World Shadow Government (WSG) be held accountable. As the WSG-selected puppet governments are forced to stand down*, and their corporate chiefs compelled to resign*, the WSG will lose its power and control over We the People.

VI. These are the most effective actions that the inhabitants of Planet Earth can perform at this critical moment in history, in order to successfully safeguard their personal sovereignty. Only by taking back our power will each human being live a life free of these chemical assaults. Then, we can begin the task of reclaiming out personal sovereignty.

VII. Each resident of the global community can reclaim their personal sovereignty only by standing in their own truth with courage and resolve. By speaking truth to power wherever and whenever appropriate, we bond with likeminded individuals who have likewise taken back their power.

VIII. As the unity of purpose and strength of conviction grow within the citizenry, a critical mass of people power will emerge. The collective will, and unified intention, will then translate into the actions required toward attaining true sovereignty on the collective level, especially in matters concerning the state and one’s sovereign nation.

IX. A return to personal sovereignty is what the Founding Fathers of the American Constitutional Republic first accomplished before they signed the “Declaration Of Independence”. We the People will do well to imitate their courage and resolve during these revolutionary times. Truly, the opportunity for profound and permanent planetary transformation comes infrequently to Planet Earth.

X. The 2nd American Revolution has begun; only this time it is a global revolution. Every person on this planet has been challenged to rise up and face this unacceptable offense against all life. Let’s get busy ! ! !

*Any response less than an immediate resignation of all culpable corporate officers, as well as a standing down of all accountable government officials, ought to result in aggressive criminal prosecution followed by severe prison sentences.

So, you can see that the vectors of dissemination of these chemtrail chemicals is virtually infinite as it is endless, as long as you see those cobwebs in the sky. Therefore, this ongoing chemical assault is as never-ending as it is outrageous!

Here’s how one enviro-health advocacy group put it:

“We all possess a fundamental right to not be chemically assaulted by anyone, or any entity under the sun. Likewise, we all have the right not to have our home and property chemically trespassed by anyone, or any entity under the sun.

However, the governments around the world, working in tandem with numerous corporations, have unlawfully arrogated power unto themselves to commit actions against their respective citizenries which constitute chemical assault. The ONLY reason they are able to get away with it is because they have somehow convinced the masses that “might makes right”. You know — “Who can fight city hall?”
~ A Fundamental Right To Not Be Sprayed
It is time for this illegal worldwide regime and legislative framework to change … radically so. The vast majority of residents of Planet Earth will accept nothing less moving forward into a chemtrail-free future.

Many of us know that if there is not a significant change in posture fairly soon in this regard earth changes will be thrust upon us in totally unpredictable and apocalyptic ways. Already we have all seen how geoengineering via chemtrails have altered atmospheric conditions resulting in extreme drought and flood conditions worldwide.

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  1. Ron Buchanan says:

    say isnt this the item when asked a few years ago we were all assured that there was no such thing? It was a conspiracy freaks daydream? the pictures of the aircraft with the jets for spreading the chemicals were really good CGI fakes? and that the whole notion is insane? and now its all being admitted and they continue to spread poisonous chemicals without ecourse? then there is something or someone bigger causing it , and you can bet it is NOT the government. our government like any good prostitute does exactly what they are told to do by the powers that be . look back to 1939 when Htler and his cronies were nothing more than a few local beer drinkers at the local bar getting wasted and whining about who did who. suddenly hitler goes to jail writes a book , and lo and behold he has something going , stadium quality bleachers and total audio systems , they all have crisp new uniforms and everything they need to conquer germany . what they had was “Financing” the kind the rothchilds could give. Think it over , its another changeove r to global slavery with us as the peons , every fool says Obama did this and Obama has that and all obamas takeovers.No wrong absolutely wrong , this agenda has been in the works over 40 years and no one noticed? try dick cheney and donald rumsfeld working from behind the scenes with a number of presidents , until cheney made vice president with a distraction clown like G Dubya to cover cheneys crimes against humanity , high treason and the thievery of $3.8 trillion of social security funds to build his american gestapo , the concentration camps and a carte blanch permit using the NDAA to do to anyone what they choose , and obnly having to say in the interest of national security , the biggest lie ever. That siwhat we are up against I am surpirsed only a few of us actually paid attention to what the criminal elemnt of government was doing , and no-one seemed to hear us when we spoke .. better do somehing soon before its all gone , and please dont act shocked like its a big surpris to you. its the american citizen who is responsible for what is happening to us now , for not acting on the facts

  2. about time,lets get it on with these assholes!!!!

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    Take out the criminals.

  4. Alysia Tambourides says:

    Let’s get busy!!!
    Truth to Power

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