The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see


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Vox’s Phil Edwards investigates the real Δ.

The Illuminati is intriguing, but is it real? This is the heritage of the real team, which include almost everything from the Freemasons to Dan Brown. If you have heard about the team, you have probably questioned: what is the real illuminati? Conspiracy theories like “illuminati verified” have perplexed the difficulty, so in this article are the illuminati facts about the heritage of the team.

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47 Responses

  1. The Illuminati hate him! This little trick will help you debunk all conspiracies!

  2. really surprised you guys didn't mention the owl on the 1 dollar bill

  3. Yorokobi says:


  4. Eda Mustafai says:

    Is Bebe Rexha in the Illuminati

  5. Dr.Force says:

    Best channel on youtube. Hands down.

  6. Maeve Reilly says:

    great video, but I am very dizzy now!

  7. The illuminati isn't real

  8. Jaber Yesu says:

    Awesome video but the way the camera is moving tither hither makes my eyes SCREAM

  9. Usmas As says:

    I nearly shat in the end…..

  10. Boyd Crowder says:

    "a weird youtuber" -Alex jones with over 6 million listeners… 10 seconds in and im questioning the people who made this video…

  11. Velix says:

    Why is the FBI at my door right now?

  12. GglSux says:

    ….Lol "They aimed to spread the enlightenment ideals…." He he he, talk about epic fail…. :^)

  13. hey illuminati your ugly.

  14. J Anthony says:

    Vox knows nothing about the illuminati! Sorry!

  15. Gongora714 says:

    Bruh.. why is there a picture of Carrot Top in this video? Lol Am i the only one who caught this??? xD @ 2:04

  16. Rose Horse says:

    Illuminati confirmed

  17. Leah Cubston says:


  18. Tongan Beast says:

    They said illuminati 6 times in the end??!

  19. i truly appreciate the sound design at the jumpscare. the high pitch leftpanned sound and low frequency deepvoices were cheaply done but very effective. I actually managed to learn something there.

  20. skank hunt42 says:

    Alex Jones isn't a conspiracy theorist but a lying republican

  21. Lazy Tab says:

    Look up
    Poppy truth by film theroy….

  22. Don't Ask says:

    0:42 "1776"
    Pardon me are you Arron Burr, sir?

  23. That guy really can't pronounce Goethe's name.

  24. Coeurdelion says:

    Interesting subject but watching this video was a pain in the ass, long live stabilisation

  25. Gravity's a lie, and so is the sky. TRUST in the ALL KNOWING ALL SEEING EYE!

  26. Fresh S. says:

    Nah. I consider myself a pretty rational thinker… Or at least I hope I am. But much of the symbolism prevalent in media, fashion and even inane things like books and magazines undeniably warrant explanation. I considered cheap publicity and provocation to be legitimate goals, but this symbolism occurs where it isn't even effective with the target demographic; like Warren Buffets books and the Economist yearly reviews. This constant lambasting and belittle-ment of people who are justifiably curious makes it only the more suspicious to be honest.

    Now I won't take a big jump and call out Satanism! Or Illuminati! Or Freemasonry! But there is something going on with these industries and it deserves the curiosity and speculation tied to it.

  27. I thinks it's funny that a liberal YouTube channel (vox) said that a conservative channel (infowars) was apart of the illuminati ?

  28. Gahh..great video but why is this videos are inducing a headache for me. Very difficult to watch.

  29. Damon Adrian says:

    illuminati = zionism

  30. DocHazaAlt says:

    Let's get illuminaughty

  31. confirming intensifies

  32. I felt like throwing up the shaky cam is so bad.

  33. Top Bun TV says:


  34. Aaron Smith says:

    Umm seriously? My grandfather was a grandmason and anyone who researches masonic culture will see they are not some organization bent on world domination. They were a secret organization because they believed in finding absolute truth in all things and did so by using the same steps scientists use today in the scientific method, in other words critically thinking for oneself. Secrecy was a necessity as thinking for yourself was not culturally acceptable in western society mainly because of the church controlled what people could and could not think. Also, I don't see how, if true, the Illuminati's infiltration of the French monarchy with the intent to bring it down, is somehow a bad thing as absolute monarchies are typically considered "not good" to free thinking societies.

    That being said I seriously doubt any historian would claim that any secret organization played a role in the French revolution when you consider other factors such as the Laki eruption which killed over 50,000 people both through sulfur exposure as well as being responsible for massive crop failure and starvation. The biggest reason in my opinion however was the horrible mistake of sending the French military to help with the US revolution. Watching 13 small colonies fight the largest empire on earth and doing so for an ideology of being free had a very dramatic effect on the French soldiers, who were fighting in essence for colonial freedom despite not being free themselves, so after the US won and the French returned home you suddenly had massive protests and riots over food shortages and instead of stopping these uprisings the military joined them instead.

    Regardless, I find it absolutely hilarious that people in the modern age can be worried about "the new world order" "the illuminati" or Freemasonry because there are very public organizations who are attempting similar feats and doing so with the blessing of the public. Big business has been working for over 40 years to undue policies put in place by Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal and FDR's New Deal and other laws meant to limit the power of corporations and ever since Reagan took office, we have been undoing those laws one by one. The public doesn't seem to have an issue with this though, if they did they would of voted for Sanders. So ironic.

  35. alex grizzly says:

    Alex Jones is a con man!

  36. John Elwood says:

    Is that why there is a little owl on the dollar bill?

  37. John Elwood says:

    Is that why there is a little owl on the dollar bill?

  38. I didnt get scared…?

  39. Drey Jay says:

    I got scared at the end

  40. Kalle Laakso says:

    I don't know, I just laughed when the dude came in at the end 😀

  41. Garett James says:

    Spending your day worried about whether the Illuminati exists is pointless. If they do exist, and they do manipulate world events from behind the scenes, and you can't tell the difference between a regular world event and an Illuminati driven world event, then what does it matter to Joe Average? It doesn't…

  42. The end allways get me !!!!

  43. ∆( the Illuminati). ∆+4-6(∆√∆)²+ 45= ^(ovo)^

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