The Wake Up Project: The Arrivals – PART 1



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  1. @dariod2007 This whole video is basically the introduction. Don't give up on something so easily… ´╗┐

  2. @dariod2007 No problem ­čśë And yeah, I know what you mean, it actually took me awhile till I realized that this was just an introduction of the series ­čśë
    These videos are really important, hope you watch them :D´╗┐

  3. I got this all in 1 cd :)´╗┐

  4. way too long of an intro´╗┐

  5. mindyk4 says:

    You want the TRUTH? Watch "Know Your Enemy" by The Fuel Project!

  6. So eine verf ickte Hurenscheisse ich glotz 2 minuten und das intro ist immer noch net fertig fickt euch´╗┐

  7. man vrouw says:

    no sound :(´╗┐

  8. yhideit says:

    What is the reason why a large number of this video series audio is out? this intentional? ´╗┐

  9. Nice edit :PP , This is foolish … we are saved by the HOLY QURAAN , don't try to make some stupid steps bro XD´╗┐

  10. OmiD A says:

    U are great Wake Up Project´╗┐

  11. Please i urge you to watch every part of this film, at least before you say to watch know your enemy´╗┐

  12. thank's 4 giving us knowledg >>> and learning us about this bad world … please I want to dawnloud this videos to my PC and I don't know how … please help me and learn me …

  13. hakeem islam says:

    how did u get it on one cd?´╗┐

  14. hello brothers , i made a wake-up project in my channel i hope you would like to watch it , it's about the history and origins of freemasons starting from operative masonry , with all respect Motanawer.

  15. cz cz c says:

    wake up project is fucking dead!!!

  16. a friend of mine had, we used to watch them like 2 years ago idk I think she got had them from the internet´╗┐

  17. Fenton Bevan says:

    One World Religion encoding´╗┐

  18. Jenny Reeves says:

    When I was a very, very young child I was very adamant that we ALL had it wrong. I had a very difficult time understanding how Muslims, Jews, Catholics, etc.could have such differing beliefs. Of course, as a product of my most influential environment (parents, school, etc.) I grew up as a Catholic with quite a bit of Baptist influence from other family members but also a little knowledge of the Jewish faith from a friend actually attending my Catholic school. It was interesting. I have never accepted the fact that we have different Gods and I have never/will never accept that any of us will have all the correct answers. I'm happy to see that the wake up project is attempting to educate people more openly about the similarities with Christianity and the Jewish faith. There are MUCH MORE similarities than differences it seems. I will not say this absolute, but I also believe that I am commanded by God to ask, to investigate. PLEASE PEOPLE……..just listen. Just read. PRAY beforehand. Pray as you've always prayed then listen. GOD will always show you the way if you ask and if you pray. EVERYONE believes that! I love God and I love Jesus. To be in agreement that others do to, is not against the Western Christian Bible. IF I am wrong, please show me.´╗┐

  19. We must open our eyes to the truth´╗┐

  20. sammy says:

    anyone know why the forum is down?´╗┐

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