The Wake Up Project: The Arrivals – PART 36



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  1. Pcise198 says:

    those men of melanin are a great depiction of true isreal… not the ones created in 70 a.d or 1948. great sample. all praises to the most high. my muslim and christ lovers… soon we will unite our truth to the blind world. all praises to the one and only

  2. creooreo says:

    What is the name of this movie you have used to show the similarities of Christians and Muslims( starts around the four minute mark)?

  3. @creooreo The Name of the movie in which they're showing the similarities between Muslims and Chirstians, is called " The Message ". The clip is taken from the movie, when Muslims were assassinated by non-muslims or Makkah and they migrated to Madinah to seek help and they explained similarities to the King there at that time. Watch the full movie you'll find out the story behind it.

  4. thesashworth says:

    I dont know the way through Muhammed my experience did not not show me Muhammed though it may have shown me god & I may not have been ready to receive him. Jesus has however shown me he died on the cross for my sins and through him I can get to heaven (a place I know is for real as is hell – your soul doesnt die only your physical body). Jesus highest virtue is his mercy – he loves to forgive as in the prodiga son scenario as he is love.You only need to pray and ask him – its a free gift to all

  5. Ap3x St4rZz says:

    you don't even pray and think that jesus died in a cross (which made you seem that he did) and forgiving everyone sin… and you can do whatever you want? are you F kidding me? THATS IMPOSSIBLE AND YOU WILL SEE IT IN THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT!

  6. thesashworth says:

    How do you know how often I pray? incidentally it is most days. I have also been shown that THE ONLY way to eternal salvation is through lord Jesus. Mohammed was a false prophet he prophesised nothing nor did perform any miracles just a greedy paedophile who broke all the commandments.Theres no power in the name buddha or mohammed only in the name Jesus. Freemasons r satan worshippers at higher levels & their literature tells us Lucifer is their god & Jesus (god of christians) is their enemy god

  7. Ap3x St4rZz says:

    show me evidence about jesus died for your sins?

  8. thesashworth says:

    Show me evidence mohammed was'nt a false prophet or that he was'nt posessed by demons oh thats right he himself said he was posessed by demons. islam was created by the RC church for control then it grew out of hand as it aways does when satan has a hand in it. type in "pictures from hell" Then come back and tell me thats not the eternal resting place for muslims. Jesus sd " I am the way the truth and the light, nobody comes to the father but through me"I promise u will stand b4 him after death

  9. Konrad Rul says:

    Lets find out the truth!

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