The Wake Up Project: The Arrivals – PART 5



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  1. MsTruthordie says:

    I want to say, "thank you!" for all the work put into this series and for all those who have shared them! I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to. What is the concern about Zionists and Israel? I don't really know what a "Zionist" is. I know my one and only true enemy is Satan and the 1/3 of the angels who fell with him and considering they were created by the one and only God; they are very powerful enemies, but God is still more powerful because He is ALL powerful!

  2. thesashworth says:

    It can all be a bit confusing at first the zionists are the ones that have infiltrated freemasonry and they own the banking the music the entertainment and news industries – to put it simply they ARE ALL SATANISTS.who want to create a new world order. This nwo is being sd as a world of peace however it will not b that it will be 1 police state with 1 religion where every1 is watched every move with 1 ruler the antichrist. If you dont already know Jesus there has never been a better time.

  3. MsTruthordie says:

    Very Good!! Thankyou! I do know my LORD and Savior very well. So, how is it that we teach peace when everyone is so afraid of losing the peace they have never seen before? Or freedom that is beyond the world dimensions? I am seeing people fighting over all the things they are born with & think they still have, yet have never exercised them to the full potential these gifts have the power to do. I am saying these 'zionists' have people believing they have the power to take, what we are born with.

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