The War Machine Henry Kissinger Documentary



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  1. Rich Simmons says:

    Why is Kissinger still pumping air ?

  2. Rich Simmons says:

    War, mass murder and terrorism is standard Jewish technique
    They just can't help themselves
    Who benefits ? Guess who

  3. Lex Nuss says:

    64,000 bombings in Laos and he got the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973? Nobels were dynamite and mid-eastern oil. Get a bike and a .22 long rifle.Go vegan.Stay home more .Judeo-Christian genocide and slavery Vote with your life , but stay cool and lay back.

  4. Tom Bombadil says:

    Upon the election of Iaende of Chili, Kissinger said in a briefing to Nixon, "I don't see why we need to stand by and let a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its' people."
    Anyone who would think Kissinger is not a psychopath would think Hitler a saint.
    He is not an isolated case.

  5. Roy243 D says:

    Nobel Peace Prize  is an award for western war criminals

  6. I whish they would make a computer game out of this nwo thing. Could be awesome, especially in 3d.

  7. Kissinger is the mane Rothschild Zionist cunt. It should be taken to Geneva for crimes against humanity.

  8. David Rice says:

    Henry can Kissinger my superior white-aryan ass, that foreign-born zionist , Jew-boy bitch!!!! Go fight your own damn banker wars, asshole

  9. classycynic1 says:

    what a miserable sack of shit. i hope he reads this.

  10. blood moon says:

    The Nobel peace prize is a fucking JOKE

  11. a GOOD dose of Sodium Valporate  will cure your nonsense

  12. skyfix says:

    Truly a great video

  13. Fear mongering at its finest!
    I'm not controlled by anybody, and neither are those who watched this video that live in either America or Canada! Now go fuck yourself! Those banksters can do what they want. They're all losing anyways!

  14. Franz Sammer says:

    Nixon and Kissinger bombed Laos _Cambodia,they are not better than Hitler.

  15. Wendy H says:

    A whole bunch of Germans are waiting for him on the other side these criminal jews better not die

  16. Solexx X says:

    Let the Cambodians try him for war crimes against humanity.

  17. james hicks says:

    He has as many deaths on his hands as Hitler!!!

  18. james hicks says:

    Kissinger, Rockefeller  and Rothschild the old school New World Order.

  19. Shane Reilly says:

    Talk all the shit you want; all that matters in the end is we won

  20. Loves schtuping and mass murdering Gentiles.

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