The Wars of The Roses: A Bloody Crown


For Educational Classroom Use. Produced by Simply Media TV.


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  1. ScottyFox says:

    Crips vs Bloods 15th century style.

  2. Anyone else find it weird that they are showing black and white footage as if the actual battle was filmed?

  3. mayailiana53 says:

    Can anyone tell me the English accent spoken here? I'm guessing Geordie???

  4. The average man at Arms was precisely a thug in armor.

  5. V. Hansen says:

    All these different people are as hard to keep track of as the GoT characters that are based on them. Too many Richards to keep track of here.

  6. monarchs of the past were leaders, brutal, fearless, courageous, and intelligent , I could understand why they were somewhat popular then, now its just, sit there watch that brass band play and try not to fucking dribble you mindless fucking morons !

  7. RandomChick says:

    The music drowns out the narrator, who is also using his gentle bedtime story voice (2 steps above a whisper). If only we could turn just that part of the volume up.

  8. mark grice says:

    great documentary, but the issues over Richard of Gloucester"s taking of the crown are not imho dealt with in a fully acceptable way, after all Richard's own motto "my loyalty binds me" may give more insight into his motives, the fact that Cicely his mother declared openly that Edward IV was not his fathers son throws illumination onto Clarence's "stupidity" as stated here. Maybe this is conjecture,maybe it is truth, we will never fully know….but it sure is involving.

  9. Why the Hell is it that the Brits apparently don't edit and screen their television productions before airing!? Every Brit production that I watch (regardless of whether they're documentaries, dramas, etc.) has the goddamned music score so loud, that one cannot hear or indeed follow the spoken narration…or even the dialogue of the actors!! Damned Irritating!….Maybe the Musicians have a better Union?

  10. Who's ancestors fought in this war?

  11. Psyfire Dev says:

    Interesting, so basically it was about power and money. Not really ones God's given right to rule or chosen by God. You think the current Queen knows that?

  12. Psyfire Dev says:

    Interesting, so it was about power and money. Not a God given right to rule or chosen by God. You think the current Queen knows this?

  13. dm51964 says:

    A nice neat ending at Bosworth and Henry establishes a secure reign….. but that is not what happened and some continued Yorkist support eventually culminated in yet another battle in 1487 at Stoke Field near Newark in Nottinghamshire which was perhaps the last true battle and major engagement of what is now known as the Wars of the Roses and was the real end of Yorkist ambition for the crown.

  14. Shane Fink says:

    all the men that died pointlessly that would have tons and tons of descendants today might have even had an effect on revolutionary times colonies might have never won Independence…think about it same thing goes for the civil war over 600'000 generations lost that would make s totally different world today

  15. Alvin Fiddy says:

    i respect thee the english..for a wonderful n rich history
    how interesting to watch your history unfold b4 my eyes..
    i hero was harry hotspur

  16. The commentator says: "Henry Tudor was responsible for the greatest Dynasty in England" What a load of bollocks. Henry Tudor was low bred scum. Ambitious yes; but scum nevertheless. The commentator also blames Richard III for the death of his nephews. What grounds does this commentator base his assumption on. I too initially believed Richard was responsible but look at the facts, and there appears no doubt that this Tudor scum and his mother Margaret Beaufort, who descended from the illegitimate line of John of Gaunt; statute barred the descendants from Katherine Swynford from ascending the throne in perpetuity were the guilty parties responsible for the atrocities.

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  19. niteshmurti says:

    wait a minute! i think i'm in the wrong place. where are the starks, the lannisters and the targaryens?

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