The Weapons of World War 1 – Battlefield 1


Taking a look in detail at weapons from World War 1 that will, and are likely to appear in Battlefield 1. There is so much scope here than I realised. Enjoy! CHEAP …


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  1. I just hope it doesn't become a SMG and MG spam fest. A large majority of soldiers only would've only had a bolt action rifle.

  2. I wish that they include Serbs becouse they are the good side leader by me because they defended their country and they survived being "kicked out" from ther country they were gone from Albania and all the way to Greece got back to Serbia and won the war and yes i am serbian

  3. Rape Man says:

    what game is this?

  4. eugene gohn says:

    stupid Britts

  5. Kameron Rusk says:

    team stone mountain

  6. Tgkjj says:

    and to add to the trench gun it had the ability to slamfire rounds

  7. I saw a trench shot gun

  8. That is not a scimitar, isn't it?


  10. TmTw Darkrai says:

    What is this gameplay from

  11. my great grandads death was caused by mustard gas

  12. my battlefield hardline isn't working

  13. Kevin Chen says:

    I love that 1942 music

  14. Why no mention of the M1903?

  15. My friends great grandpa mad the mowser it was named after there last name

  16. Where's the Browning Automatic Rifle? I know it came late, but it WAS used in the last year of the war. And the Benet-Mercie automatic rifle, and even the Chauchat, although horrible, was still used to some extent by the French and American forces. It would be less than realistic if they forgot to include these. Not to mention if there are other factions, like Russia and the French, then what about their weapons? The Nagant revolver, the Mosin-Nagant, or even the Lebel rifles? We have only so much to go on here.

  17. CCRevival72 says:

    What game is this, I think I've played it.

  18. CCRevival72 says:

    No Mosin Nagant? I know it's a garbage rod, but still.

  19. Cod Camper says:

    Vietnam flashbacks anyone?

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