The World At War 1973(World War II Documentary) Episode 3 -France Falls(May-June 1940)


” France Falls ( May-June 1940) ” November 14, 1973 the French policy , Maginot line , the Saar offensive , Blitzkrieg war and the Nazi invasion of France …


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  1. Angelia Bell says:

    world of war episode 3

  2. jslares says:

    What is that beautiful song at 46:48 ?

  3. The art of documentary-making has truly succumbed to commercialization of the television. This twenty-year-old series is so much more comprehensive than anything released in the decades since.

  4. Emad Makar says:

    I want the translation to Arabic language. Many thanks

  5. No, not hang your head in shame. France has suffered more than Britain in the war, and they had to provide the bulk of defence. The French army was better equipped, even some German units relied on horse, it was the French outdated mode of communication combined with an inferior airforce which proved decisive here. The German units were often very poor.

  6. DelijeSever says:

    Why France always lost war nad have more lost soldier

  7. Breaking News!
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  8. BB4liffe says:

    OMG. Woow Hosso Von Manteuffel……Drooollll General der Panztertruppe Elite Grossdeuschland Division!!!! None of the modern series can hold a candle to this series even after 40 years it gets better.

  9. Very nice episode three on The World at War!

  10. Jeroen Bosma says:

    it is very well made. it is only a little bit disappointing that the sound stops and a short while later continues. for the rest  a very good serie.

  11. ilynx2008 says:

    Excellente historical footage,but in parts it has no sound and the image is pixelated!

  12. Goering was already eating whole bakeries and wearing makeup and Japanese kimonos at this time….

  13. Adam Mangler says:

    Thank you so much for posting this series – perhaps the best of them all.

  14. cmtmj2006 says:

    One can't feel a sense of sadness for the French who with tears in their eyes now had to contend with defeat. The sons of France who died in places like Verdun and the Marne weighed heavy on their minds. So much suffering by so many in the Great War only to be brought to defeat in 1940.

  15. Jim Bo says:

    Its sad that many French still blame the British for the fall of France. A great weakness of the French is self criticism.

  16. bandwagon22 says:

    German army was much more dependent on horses than French Army. I can't believe why people have fallen in love with the myth of Wehrmacht as a highly motorized panzer army which it never really was. Hardly even 7% of Wehrmacht divisions were mechanized or armored. Besides as Germans themselves estimated their infantry division soldiers were poorly trained than those of Kaiser's army in 1914. British forces in France May 1940 were almost totally mechanized and mostly better trained than average German division. French and British forces had armor and artillery superiority 1:2. Germans had only air superiority mosty because majority of RAF was in UK. There were French aircraft also abroad. They could have easily narrowed that superiority.

  17. saddoboxing1 says:

    Funny how many have forgotten one vital element eliminating French will to fight: The French Communist Party. What role did Stalin play descimating France? I have red interesting studies suggesting how thousands of French communists celebrated German forces "liberating" France. Note that Hitler and Stalin were indeed Allies and Stalin would feed every single too independent communist to Nazies.

  18. saddoboxing1 says:

    50:45 brilliant sunglasses there…

  19. People honor the wars fought in the past and look back on them with pride. They are totally missing the blood, guts and gore, the billions of people who suffered and died. If we don't wake up to the truth we are going right back there again. To learn the truth: Go to Truthcontest◉com and read 'The Present'.

  20. xpat73 says:

    The bottom line is that a country is responsible for defending its own borders. Thus it is quite astonishing to hear the French in this blaming Britain. Were there things the UK could have done better? Sure. Was the UK perfect? No. But ultimate responsibility lies with the French government and the French military.

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