The World at War HD (1080p) – Ep. 3 – France Falls (May – June 1940)


Full HD playlist: French politics, the Maginot Line, the Saar …


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  1. Awesome job converting these to HD! Thanks a lot man!

  2. Arturo Davis says:

    One the greatest military blunders in history

  3. Run away, run away! Tactical white flags at the ready!

  4. France had a great oppurtunity of preventing World War 2 from happening when German troops marched into the Rhineland on March 7, 1936. The French Army could've fired a few shots at the German troops and they would've boated back across the Rhine. But France faltered; never again would Europe have an oppurtunity to stop Hitler without the risk of war. Hitler held his breath. He privately feared a French response but none came. He told his cronies in private that if the French Army challenged him in the Rhineland the Germans would retreat and that would be the end of him and Nazism.

  5. 3:295:09 6:198:05 not aired on American TV.

  6. I see you haven't uploaded the rest of the episodes.

  7. One of the best Documentary / Series ever produced. I remember watching every single one of these in the 1970's. Thanks for uploading them.

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