The World Vs. Donald Trump


Alex Jones talks with former Donald Trump insider Roger Stone and discuss conspiracy theories especially who really killed President John F. Kennedy. Help us …


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  1. Aden B says:

    I mean reptiles or aliens or whatever shit these nutbags believe in.

  2. If Hillary cheats & gets in, instead of Trump… Im READY for Civil War… Enough is ENOUGH!!!!

  3. If you're middle class, working class, or poor there's only one candidate that has YOUR interests in mind, and that's BERNIE SANDERS! Read about him don't just watch videos, you'll find yourself completely impressed.Don't forget that it's never too late to change your mind and vote for the right candidate. Write in for Bernie Sanders if you have to! If you don't know what that is look it up! It's not too late to register to vote, but do it now and you can do it online! Doing nothing doesn't get us who we need!

  4. kmuhammad100 says:

    Citizens are waking up to these vicious scammer cronies conning Americans & elsewhere & infowars is the real deal. great job putting this crucial information out for ppl all over to understand.

  5. kmuhammad100 says:

    Trump is getting my vote but they may maneuver my vote to Hilary. I hope that won't be the case.

  6. its all about time,thank god for donald trump

  7. tom thumb says:

    I seriously hope he doesn't get assassinated.

  8. Lol, Alex is the best troll on the planet.

  9. The "phony" Iraq War? oh, you mean the one where we eliminated massive amounts of WMDs found all over the country, and liberated a people from a monstrous genocidal megalomaniacal dictator and installed a, relatively speaking, far more democratic society? Oh, and that whole "war for oil" is empirically wrong, U.S. oil companies did not get those oil contracts. You god damn fucking slaves.

  10. Jean Cole says:

    If Donald is taken out… what can be done? The rise of Trump is the rise of people! Revolt will happen! PRAY that he is not killed for he is in danger. He needs no vote but it will get pulled then people will rise up. God bless him for his courage!

  11. Jean Cole says:

    We need to protect Trump! HOW? Take them down for crimes so many…… killings etc.. Word on the wall sounds great as a start! Work on the Feds sounds great. Take an Feds banking down then the economy will work! Down with the Bushes!!!

  12. Mick Vinny says:

    I highly advice everyone to watch 'you've been trumped' to see just how evil this cunt really is

  13. you dont become a billionaire by being a " nice person" . he has
    love you. he poses as a human being NOW – after election he might
    become a FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER. be careful.

  14. CNN is Hillary's evil channel. CNN banned Roger Stone who tell the truth about how corrupt is the establishment. Trump is the only one who will not be corrupt as he cannot be bought. Trump is God sent.

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