The World’s Deadliest Table And Why It Must Be Destroyed

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Scott Oliver, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Is the world’s deadliest table made of glass? Of wood, metal, plastic, bamboo or some high-tech composite material?

Does it have three legs, four, six or more? Or, is it one of those massive tables that seats dozens of people?

Is the table in the kitchen? The dining room? In a secure office conference room somewhere? Or, do they all meet at the same table in a MacDonalds restaurant every once in a while?

Where is this bloody table anyway?

  1. US Senator Kerry knows where it is: Asked whether using force was a possibility in Iran, the Democratic lawmaker told reporters: “I don’t think anything should be taken off the table at this point in time.”
  2. Obama refers to the table frequently: In terms of a response to the alleged Iranian plot, “we don’t take any options off the table,” which is a government euphemism for considerations of military attack.
  3. Obama also stated that: “Yes. I think that a nuclear armed Iran is not just a threat to us, it’s a threat to Israel. And it is a game changer in the region. It’s unacceptable. And that’s why I’ve said that I won’t take any options off the table, including military, to prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
  1. ·  “The continued presence of all options on the table“. In his interview with CBS news, American President Barack Obama refused to rule out the possibility of a military strike against Iran.
  2. ·  When Mr. Bush was asked if his administration was planning for the possibility of a nuclear strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, he said that: “All options are on the table.”
  3. ·  Dick Cheney too, the brave U.S. politician who received five deferments to avoid serving his country during the Vietnam war… “But I’ve also made the point, and the president has made the point, that all options are on the table,” he said, appearing to leave open the possibility of military action.
  4. ·  Cheney on Iran, March 7, 2006: “For our part, the United States is keeping all options on the table in addressing the irresponsible conduct of the regime,” Cheney said in a speech to his owners at the pro-Israel lobby group, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee.
  5. ·  In an article encouraging Obama to prosecute Donald Rumsfeld for War Crimes it was declared that: “The evidence against Rumsfeld has been on the table for years now.”
  6. ·  Bush was also referring to the table in March 13, 2002: “And so one of the — what the Vice President is doing is he’s reminding people about this danger, and that we need to work in concert to confront this danger. Again, all options are on the table, and — but one thing I will not allow is a nation such as Iraq to threaten our very future by developing weapons of mass destruction.”
  7. ·  The man picked by President Bush to run the Pentagon Robert Gates also made it clear that “all options are on the table“. When asked if he believed the US was winning, he replied flatly: “No, sir.”
  8. ·  When pressed on whether the Syrian situation is a diplomatic challenge or a military one, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said that “all options are obviously on the table.”
  9. ·  In a reference to the White House’s battle to depose Libya’s leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, Lobbyist, R. Bruce Josten said, “To quote what they say every day on Libya, all options are on the table.”
  10. ·  Bush said: “He [Saddam] told the world that he would show us that he would not develop weapons of mass destruction and yet over the past decade he has refused to do so. And the Prime Minister and I both agree that he needs to prove that he isn’t developing weapons of mass destruction. I explained to the Prime Minister that the policy of my government is the removal of Saddam and that all options are on the table.”
  1. Hillary Clinton, in Foreign Affairs: “Iran must conform to its nonproliferation obligations and must not be permitted to build or acquire nuclear weapons. If Iran does not comply with its own commitments and the will of the international community, all options must remain on the table.”
  2. During a press conference in Baghdad, Gen. John Abizaid said “all options are on the table..,”
  3. In an article about the Israelis secret service involvement in the Iran plot, Michigan Representative Mike Rogers said that: “I don’t think you should take it off the table.”
  4. U.S. Senator John McCain who is now promoting military intervention in Syria says: “The United States should be willing to put all aspects of our policy on the table…”

Based on the public statements from some of the world’s most respected mass murderers, I think we can all agree that the evidence against this table is overwhelming and it’s clear that this is one extremely deadly table…

Since it’s primarily U.S. politicians that are referring to this table – no European politicians that I know of are putting anything on or, are taking anything off the table – it would appear that the table must be physically located somewhere within the borders of the U.S.

And high powered politicians in the U.S. continue put things on and off this table like there was no tomorrow.

Well there is a tomorrow and I’d like to propose that we destroy (or perhaps recycle?) this table before the U.S. invades Syria to “protect civilians ” or for “humanitarian” reasons.

This table is a willing accomplice in numerous deadly and often genocidal conflicts and with your help and support, we can put an end to this insane warmongering once and for all.

Now, can someone please confirm exactly where we can find the world’s deadliest table?

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