The Year 2012 – Foretold Cataclysm Of 2012?



In 1 sort or an additional, all religions and philosophies have taught about the best future of guy, society, and the cosmos as they do about the 1st points or origins. Several are bibical. The 1 getting attention recently is the Mayan Long Rely Calendar. It calculates the day of generation as August eleven,3114 B.C. The calendar is five,one hundred twenty five several years aged ending on December 21,2012. This day has induced a variety of individuals to conclude that the 12 months 2012 is the conclude of the planet in prophecy. Supposedly the Mayas obtained their astronomical calculations from “Kulcan”. Kulcan was explained as a white guy with a beard from outside of the sea. Some individuals think the Maya were predicting the conclude of a cycle and the start of a new cycle.

The Hopi, a Native American tribe that life in Arizona consider that the planet has finished many moments. They consider we are approaching the newest “End” and “Commencing” which is to appear.

Below are the 2012 predictions: a collision with the earth from a substantial object from house. It could be Nibiru or Earth X. If Nibiru moves by means of our photo voltaic system the gravitational pull may well result in the polar ice caps to slip substantially. This function would result in huge modifications on the earth. Where there was h2o, the floor could conclude up dry and other parts of land could be flooded. Several students consider the shifting of the polar ice cap would be sluggish ,having a very long interval of time.

The reversal of the north and south poles are stated to direct to earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. The north and south poles can not improve situation only the magnetic poles which generally take countless numbers of several years.

A Gamma-ray burst from a distant supernova that would annihilate the planet.

A around the globe nuclear war destroying the earth.

Substantial extinctions because of to all-natural phenomenon.

A flare-up of the sunlight causing disasters, planetary damage, weakened magnetic poles and an excessive of radiation.

The cosmic alignment of the Milky Way Galaxy with the sunlight and earth causing an not known function to occur.

These are just a sample of 2012 predictions that are out there.


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