They Are Killing Us With Chemtrails In Switzerland!!!! (Stunning Pictures)


I live in the Valais in Switzerland, a once beautiful area with breathtaking views, once boasting over 300 sunny blue skies a year. This was due to the fact that we are surrounded by the Alps which create a natural block to the passage of clouds. Unfortunately this is a thing of the past. We are lucky if we have 50 full blue skies a year now. In any event I have counted no less than 300 days of chemtrail spraying within the last year alone and have photo graphic evidence of each day of spraying since August 2011!


Blue sky


I have over 10’000 photos that I’ve taken since I “discovered” chemtrails…

My 1st chemtrail photo: August 2011

1st Chemtrail photo

Over the years I have made certain observations, some that I have never seen described before…for example I noticed one day two planes flying side by side ejecting different color aerosols out the back. I summized that the two chemicals emitted where being mixed in situ. I have dozens of photos showing this. Here are just a few…

Notice that one plume is white as snow and the other pink! Any courageous whistleblowers willing to let us in on what this crap is?

I also have dozens of night spraying photos:

Night chemtrail spraying

And my favorite… proof POSITIVE that chemtrails have nothing to do with altitude. These two planes are at exactly the same altitude flying side by side! I also have many examples of this.

two planes...1 chemtrail

Last but not least… in June I had rainwater that accumulated on my jacuzzi cover analyzed and guess what I found…among other things 38mg/liter of aluminium…that is 38’000 micrograms!!! Normal acceptable amounts found in rainwater are between 10 and 1200 micrograms!!!! YOU DO THE MATH!

I will be submitting much more info soon.

Also view my friend Matthias Hanckes trailer for his almost finished documentary on Chemtrails, “Overcast”

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  1. Joana rocha says:

    Je me sens impuissante face à tous ces chemtrails. …je les observe chaque jour et je suis frustrée de ne pouvoir agir. Que pouvons nous faire à notre niveau? ?? Manifestations?? Qui serait prêt à bouger?? Qui a des idées?

  2. Deborah O'Grady says:

    I am so glad I have found this site, Amazing photo evidence! How can anyone deny? I too have been logging Chemtrail results here in what used to be, Beautiful Christchurch, Dorset UK What started out with Blue skies and the odd Chemtrail, are now rife with White lines over and over filling the sky since we no longer have a blue sky. I have noticed that in the last few months things have gotten much worst, “they” have “allowed” us to have ONE blue sky EVERY TWO WEEKS.!! And a Complete WHITE OUT for every other day? I cannot express my anger in words at what they are doing to us, it INFURIATES me.

  3. TheToxicologist says:

    US Patent 3813875. Look it up online. “Rocket having barium release system to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere.” PROOF it’s happening (Why else patent? Why wouldn’t they if they have the science?). I also believe it goes on all day + at night as well.

  4. Lauana says:

    A few years ago, one of my distributors in USA had lots of chem trails over their offices in North Carolina. After heavy chem trail activity overhead, they took the snow and melted it and took it to a lab.
    Report showed: heavy particles of aluminum, mycoplasma (a biological war-fare bacteria – man made) and barium!! Ykes!! No wonder there is
    so many diseases going on. Who benefits from this?? You guess.

  5. What government is doing this? Are those Swiss or US or some other country.

    • Befuddle says:

      Chemtrails – US Military Continues
      To Spray Chemical-Laden Skytrails
      By William Thomas
      © 2001 William Thomas

      Covert Climate Control? Under the banner of some top-secret scientific agenda, the US military continues to weave chemical-laden contrails in the skies, causing health problems for unprotected people on the ground.

      For nearly three years, chemtrail observers have hoped an official would step forward to explain the origin and purpose of broad white plumes criss-crossing the skies above a dozen allied nations. Their wait is over…

      It was nearly noon when S.T. Brendt awoke and entered the kitchen of her country home in Parsonsfield, Maine. As she poured her first cup of coffee, the late night reporter for WMWV Radio could not have guessed that her life was minutes away from drastic change. Her partner Lou Aubuchont was already up, puzzling over what he had seen in the sky a half-hour before. The fat puffy plumes arching up over the horizon were unlike any contrail he had ever seen, even during his hitch in the Navy.

      Like breath exhaled on a winter’s day, the contrails he was used to seeing would flare briefly in the stratosphere as hot moist engine exhaust flash-freezes into a stream of ice-crystals. These pencil-thin condensation trails are pretty to watch but short-lived, subliming into invisibility as exhaust gases cool quickly to the surrounding air temperature.

      But in late 1997, Aubuchont started observing thicker ‘trails extending >from horizon to horizon. Hanging in the sky long after their creators had flown from view, these expanding white ribbons would invariably be interwoven by more thick lines left by unmarked jets, Air Force white or silver in colour.

      On this March 12th morning in 2001, Lou did not mention his sighting as S.T. indulged in caffeine. Sipping gratefully, she glanced out the window. It looked like another gorgeous, cloudless day. But not quite. Brendt baulked at several chalk marks scrawled across the crystalline blue sky. “Contrails or chemtrails?” she jokingly remarked. Lou got up and looked. What kind of clouds run exactly side by side in a straight line? he wondered. It’s just too perfect to happen naturally. When he said he wasn’t sure, S.T. stopped smiling and went outside.

      Looking up towards the southeast over West Pond, she spotted the first jet. A second jet was laying billowing white banners to the north. Both aircraft appeared to be at over 30,000 feet. Turning her gaze due west, Brendt saw two more lines extending over the horizon. She called Lou. Within 45 minutes the couple counted 30 jets. This isn’t right, S.T. thought. We just don’t have that kind of air traffic here. While Lou kept counting, she went inside and started calling airports. One official she reached was guarded but friendly. He had relatives in West Pond.

      The Air Traffic Control manager told Brendt her sighting was “unusual”. His radars showed nine commercial jets during the same 45-minute span. From her location, he said, she should have been able to see one plane.

      And the other twenty-nine? The FAA official confided off the record that he had been ordered “by higher civil authority” to re-route inbound European airliners away from a “military exercise” in the area. “Of course, they wouldn’t give me any of the particulars and I don’t ask,” he explained. “I just do my job.”

      Excited and puzzled by this information, S.T. and Lou got into their car and headed down Route 160. Looking in any direction they could see five or six jets flying at over 30,000 feet. Never in the dozen years they’d lived in rural Maine had they seen so much aerial activity.

      A former US Navy Intelligence courier, Aubuchont was used to large-scale military exercises. But he told S.T. he had never seen anything this big. “It looked like an invasion,” he later recounted.

      Another driver almost went off the road as he leaned over his dashboard trying to look up. As they passed, he acknowledged them with a nod.

      As far as they could see stretched line after line. Two giant grids were especially blatant. Instead of dissipating like normal contrails, these sky trails grew wider and wider and began to merge. Looking towards the Sun, Aubuchont saw what appeared like “an oil and water mixture” reflecting a prismatic band of colours. He couldn’t call it a rainbow. Rainbows aren’t sinister.

      As Lou and S.T. completed their errands, the jets kept them company, leaving lines and even circles that resembled smoke rings. Even living near Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark jetports, Aubuchont had never seen so many big jets performing identical manoeuvres in the same sky. When they returned to Parsonsfield around four, the lines were starting to merge into a dingy haze.

      Richard Dean called back. After receiving S.T.’s message, the assistant WMWV news director had gone outside with other news staff and counted 370 lines in skies usually devoid of aerial activity.

      Brendt put in another call to the FAA official. He had never heard of chemtrails. In their first face-to-face interview, the chain-smoking controller responsible for air traffic over the northeastern seaboard repeated his earlier statements on tape. Similar military activities were ongoing in other regions, he added. On his ‘scopes he could track the tankers flying north into Canadian airspace.

      Speaking before witnesses at WMWV on condition of strict anonymity, our “Deep Sky” source answered a series of yes/no questions I helped Brendt prepare when she contacted me.

      After nearly three years on this case, I wanted to corroborate extremely high levels of aluminum [aluminium] powder found in samples of rainwater falling through thick sky plumes over Espanola, Ontario, in the spring of 1998.

      The Espanola lab tests were conducted after residents began complaining to the provincial environment ministry. Severe headaches, chronic joint pain, dizziness, sudden extreme fatigue, acute asthma attacks and feverless “flu-like” symptoms over a 50-square-mile area coincided with what they termed “months of ‘spraying'” by photo-identified US Air Force tanker planes.

      The USAF denied the intrusions. But former Ontario Provincial Police Officer and Supreme Court expert witness Ted Simola reported lingering Xs and numerous white trails, some of which “just ended” as if they had been shut off but remained in the sky.

      Another Espanola resident told me that mental confusion and short-term memory loss were so prevalent that forgetting where their cars were parked had become “a standing joke” in the tiny town.

      On November 18, 1998, the people of Espanola petitioned Parliament. Addressing the Canadian government on their behalf, defence critic Gordon Earle explained:

      “Over 500 residents of the Espanola area have signed a petition raising concern over possible government involvement in what appears to be aircraft emitting visible aerosols. They have found high traces of aluminum and quartz in particulate and rainwater samples.

      “These concerns combined with associated respiratory ailments have led these Canadians to take action and seek clear answers from this government. The petitioners call upon Parliament to repeal any law that would permit the dispersal of military chaff or of any cloud-seeding substance whatsoever by domestic or foreign military aircraft without the informed consent of the citizens of Canada thus affected.”

      The Ministry of Defence eventually replied: “It’s not us.”

      Which was true. While the US Air Force counts 650 four-engine KC-135 Stratotankers and 50 KC-10 Extenders in its active inventory, Canadian Forces do not fly armadas of tankers. But they do operate the biggest radar installation in Canada at CFB Comox on Vancouver Island, easily capable of tracking the American formations coming up from the south.

      “Was the classified operation a radar experiment?” we asked Deep Sky.

      “That wasn’t what I was told.”

      Were ATC radars “enhanced or degraded”, we wanted to know. The barium spread in exercises conducted out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base acts as an electrolyte, enhancing conductivity of radar and radio waves. “Wright Pat” has also long been deeply engaged in HAARP’s electromagnetic warfare program.

  6. Serf says:

    The before picture is not really clear blue sky as it still has chemtrails and the sky would b a more vivid electric blue. I’ve not seen one of those skies in the since the early 1990’s.

  7. Carol Chadbourne says:

    My son thought I was crazy when I told him I’ve been seeing chemtails…..and I HAVE been seeing them for over a year. The zinc alone is enough to make you ill. All due to an agreement with the regime and Monsanto….they do it and they can’t be sued. SICK of this regime and their idea to kill off Americans any time they want.

  8. Staurt says:

    Whereas I do not doubt that chem-trails are being generated, the two planes in the final sky shot look like twins.

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