This Common Core math problem asks kids to write the ‘friendly’ answer, instead of the correct one!

Robby Soave

A second grader’s answers to a Common Core-aligned math worksheet were marked as incorrect because they weren’t “friendly” enough… even though they were the right answers.

This Common Core math problem asks kids to write the ‘friendly’ answer, instead of the correct one!

A screenshot of the worksheet was posted to Twitter. The teacher wrote that even though the questions — addition and subtraction problems — were solved correctly, the student used the wrong technique to arrive at the answers.


“Correct answers, but let’s find the ‘friendly’ numbers,” wrote the teacher.

The teacher wanted the student to solve “530 – 270 = ?” in the following manner: First, add 30 to both numbers, changing the problem to “560 – 300 = ?”. These numbers are the “friendly” numbers, because they are supposedly easier to work with.

The student, however, simply subtracted 270 from 530 the good old-fashioned way, arriving at the same answer. Unfortunately, this is not a Common Core-approved technique.

Though friendly numbers can be useful, the worksheet illustrates the weird priorities of Common Core, according to Twitchy:

In Common Core math, it often is not good enough to get the correct answer. Instead, students are required to show “higher order” thinking skills — in this case, use of the associative property. Yes, the associative property is important and should be taught at some point. Unfortunately, we suspect that many 7-year olds will not be able to understand this particular assignment.  With limited days in the school year, wouldn’t second graders — second graders! — be better off spending their time attempting to master the traditional subtraction algorithm?

The Daily Caller readers know that this is not the first Common Core worksheet to baffle young children and infuriate adults.

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  1. CaroleNice says:

    I remember liking math in school but I was happy when I got the answer right using the numbers presented in the problem. I wish the government would pay as much attention to teaching true history rather than changing math.
    How about they use the new core math to balance the budget?

  2. MG says:

    Here’s yet another reason to homeschool your children! In doing so, you’ll ensure they ARE educated and you will PROTECT them from the INDOCTRINATION that is now more important than the education itself!
    This “Common Core” curriculum is dumbed down to the point of hindering real education. The mind is like a muscle which must be challenge to grown, not protected from use…

  3. stevor says:

    I think MOST of Common Core is awful (speaking as a recently retired math teacher) but in THIS CASE, what they say to do makes it easier to do in one’s HEAD (but why do they want it written down then?)

  4. charlesallan says:

    Or if your boss says your wages are $867 why not ask him to make it a more ‘happy’ wage of $1000 per

  5. charlesallan says:

    This was Einstein’s problem – his numbers were not friendly .
    A happy number is 10
    baddy number = 666
    jerky number = 11

    I think america is bonkers but please hire me for the next examiners post.

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