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  1. Roo63 says:

    Gotta admit, they are doing it right, otherwise they wouldn't have got away with everything, so long. Nowt'll change soon, except for them "Not" giving Us any money in the 1st place. Quicker than taking it back. lol And, No, I won't be laughing… I know!
    Good vid., thanks :D

  2. sounds like Antonio banderas

  3. if u want to know more about Illuminati .Check this video.
    it has a great information about Illuminati

  4. Peter Becker says:

    Illuminati puppets maybe but you are born into the illuminati it's not a club you can join you have to be born into one of the 5 families

  5. Rick Frazer says:

    Your Alex Jones claim is absurd as anything I've ever heard. Look at his followers at the Trump campaigns. If he secretly working to help Hillary then he's failed. Also from my personal knowledge, there are plenty of the Infowars videos censored. You also fail to remember the fight between them as well as all other conservative groups against the next on your list….zuckerberg. Your list is nothing bit guessing and accusations that are unfounded by a small handful of others on the net. If you would have followed Alex for any amount of time, like over a decade as I have you would know his message hasn't changed and if his business was part of this cabal he wouldn't be at the level he is, he would be a multi million dollar company. They have faces hurdle after hurdle to get where they are because of the censorship you are speaking of. Don't forget, there are a large number of non political groups that have had their YouTube videos censored and demonetized but they are left available to view.
    This is a moderately accurate list at best with most info coming from other sources and not a bit of your own investigation.

  6. Richelle H. says:

    Alex Jones is not Illuminati.

  7. tee6611 says:

    ??Alex Jones…. Bang on…. Nothing about the illuminati has to be exposed any more…. It's in your face plain sight.

  8. Mike Perkins says:

    Alex Jones Illuminati, then you are a pregnant homosexual lesbian, that procreated your baby by fucking yourself while on the pill and wearing a condom … ha ha ha cock sucker , may your shit turn to concrete and tear your ass and you bleed to death. Jones and Clinton hate each other, Illuminati stick together and protect each other and Jones hates Soros also, go and do research correctly.

  9. disufo says:


    ============ Thank you for watch ==================

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