THIS is how World War 3 will start


Picture : Shutterstock My interview with geopolitical analyst Joel Skousen covers the setting for another world war , failures of alternative media and what …


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  1. MASTER MIND says:

    WTF is going on with this illuminati and the fucking new world order and the zionist and satan and islam and isis ….

    WTF is going on this planet :/

    its time to find an other planet to live there :/

  2. oneoctavelow says:

    It is both frightening and disturbing to think like an American…. all affairs seem to revolve around the US and its national needs as a fact that's just … given. Nations are validated or invalidated based on their support for the US whilst the world is some how indebted to assume the role of vassal to the US way of life… It is no different than nazism and the 'master race' ideology that empowered some germans mid last century. It is a diseased symptom….

  3. chookvalve says:

    Wow only an hour??

  4. Daniel Blair says:

    Most Americans just want to live and let live, but we have been taken over by wicked evil leaders that have taken over our government, and the NWO, our country now is looking like pre-1941 Nazi Germany, it's time to get right with the Lord people, because WW3 is coming

  5. pisces3750 says:

    skousen you rubbish individual's e.g alex jones & Have the hide to go on his show! pushing your BOOK! Strategic Relocation…for $$$$$$$ A Book that would Give the Corp Gvt , Military the Location's to Look for Individual's trying to Hide!

  6. pisces3750 says:

    Skousen why Not tell the American's that Russian & Chinese Troops are Already in America Working Hand in Hand with the Military….. Try being Open & Honest!

  7. So Russia is the Aggressor? and Syria and Iran I suppose. Sad

  8. V3rciS says:

    omg you dubm americans… you can't see what's happening in your country all you do is fucking blame others and trying to impose your freeking democracy
    . especially i hate this fucking bold moron in the video

  9. Sirius Sun says:

    30:10 Joel, i can see through you as well.. You will promote your book on Alex Jones but you don't think he was just running his mouth when he supports your bullshit, sir? Jones said before sept 01 that something could happen in NY, he named the players as well. To me that is credible. You are riding on anyone who will let you. Go back and read some George Washington..

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