This video talks about what starts World War III in detail .



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  1. chips and a drink anybody

  2. Let's hope it is right. So that video's like this don't look stupid.

  3. ChessmanX says:

    Any one that believes America will win ww3 is mistaken. The Bible mentions that Babylon will fall. What most people don't understand is that Babylon means nations..(of many tongues.) This is why the king of Babylon "Lucifer" claimed the bright an morning star, because anyone that claimed the bright and morning star meant that they were a ruler of Nations. Jesus claimed the bright and morning star.. Meaning that the Lord is a ruler of nations, which he will judge when they are destroyed. So many think Lucifer and Jesus are the same because they both claim the bright and morning star. negative!!! Which is why Jesus says in the beginning of revelations he who over comes I will grant them the bright and morning star.. meaning he will also make you a ruler of nations. Over all my point is this.. If Babylon falls that means the nations will fall.. NATO.. all of them!!! Nuclear war will destroy all nations!!! Nobody wins this war folks.. As the Bible says in Matt. 24:22 no flesh will be saved!! We need to be getting right with God as of now since the great tribulation is about to begin! God tells us that we should be doing 3 things. 1 is Repenting, 2 is watching for this moment in time that will establish judgment day for us all. 3rd we are supposed to be sowing seed ministering and bring people to the Lord as ambassadors for Christ. The word of God says that in the time of the end there would be a great falling away.. which has come to pass , because they're so many that are atheist, agnostics, these days not to mention we have pushed God out the schools etc. So for those who don't believe in God because they only believe in what their 5 senses can account for. Now is the time for faith!! We can all agree that we have dreams that are 5 senses cant account for, but if you wanted to tell me your dream then I have no choice but to have faith in what your telling me. When it comes to the origin of the universe and beginning of all life, we can agree that something can't come from nothing. This means that that something that caused the big bang is the only thing that is uncaused and uncreated which we call God!! If that something that has no beginning and always has been is eternal and resides in a spiritual realm that is not bound by time. Then be assured that apart from God will also be eternal!!!! Life is to short and were here for a test of free will. I encourage every one to study NDE'S.. because all who experience death much like dreams claim their spirit comes out their body only to cross over to a spiritual place we call heaven or hell. Don't wait till its to late to see were your spirit will reside after death.. Like car insurance.. the only way you can be assured that your spirit will end up in the right place is if you ask the Lord Jesus to come into your life. Be wise in your choice that maybe the best decision you will ever make!
    Like Russel Crow said in the beginning of Gladiator.. what we "do" now.. will go into eternity!!!!

  4. Nellie Price says:

    Well if the asteroid that NASA says is going to hit the earth in Sept 2015 is successful,good bey world war 111!!!!! Imagine if these asses survives how angry they are going to be! LOL

  5. The military are in a Living Hell everyday. Special Forces Must Know who is Orchestrating This Path. IF your advisor has Bankrupted you. < IS THEIR TWO MASTERS>. As in serve one and Hate the Other. Its not the People. Its in plain sight. FOR ALL TO SEE.

  6. Bluskystar says:

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  7. Bluskystar says:

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  8. Bluskystar says:

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  9. Bluskystar says:

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  10. Bluskystar says:

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  11. scott merrow says:

    the growing awareness that NASA is fake and the Earth is flat is why WW3 will happen

  12. flxhrnndz1 says:

    I cant wait…

  13. Dense Money says:

    If there will be a WW3 it will be against Communism, us rising up against tyranny, or it will be Communism starting WW3 to establish the political ideology world wide. Communism destroys the intellectual and cultural heritage of a people to establish a working population to work for the state. www exposing communism com

  14. What year is it starting?

  15. biggles4441 says:

    im not sure i can believe somebody called bert pike

  16. kartik singh says:

    so hindunism Buddhism will live in peaceno problem I can live without Christians and islam

  17. Matt Swanson says:

    sounds like jewish propaganda

  18. ulla gasser says:

    Now Putin is where he has to be – in Russia. And he will not leave it. Americans are fighting too in this region. Turks, Iranians and other fiend of Israel will soon be ready. So we have the mixture to start a big war. The start for beginning a NWO. A real funny story. Isn't it written in the bible?

  19. Crazy people have been saying this nonsense all my life. If the crazy christians would just read their own book, they'd learn that it says that no man will know when the end is going to happen. No man. No person. No one. That's what it says. So anyone who claims otherwise is a liar or more typically, a charlatan. I love a good story as much as anyone, but come on folks. YT is overrun with this garbage.

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