Tila Tequila Exposes plans for World War 3 and the Zionist Movement


Thanks to Tila Tequila!


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  1. ogfre123 says:

    what a shame, such a pretty and striking dish she is but she went out of her way to
    cheapen a beautiful package with those GROSS and UGLY  tattoos,
    doesn't she know that they start looking UGLY and get even worse with every
    passing year,  WHAT A SHAME.

  2. M8L0 says:

    looks like she was drunk

  3. Joel Tester says:

    although I agree with your take on Mr. Hitler, you are a idiot. its people like you who claim to know whats going on, but don't have a clue as to what is happening in the world. and your a warrior for God, so did God tell you the suck and fuck your way into popularity in the Hollywood scene. bottom line, you`re a skank whore who would fuck or suck anybody to get ahead or get some spot light

  4. Joel Tester says:

    you need to read the bible, God is not going to like that your way of making money is porn. I googled you because I didn't know who you were. and what comes up, a bunch of porn scene`s that you are in, and the dudes you fuck are some nasty fucks. and I`m from the Collins lineage and you know nothing of my blood line. your just another idiot t with a laptop. and you keep saying your a warrior for God, but  God WILL SHOW YOU NO QUARTER WHEN YOU STAND TALL BEFORE HIM. SKANK WHORE. Guess God IS ABOUT PORN, YOUR SO STUPID. STOP EMBARRASING YOURSELF AND DISSAPPEAR

  5. This is what happens when drugs and STD's wreck your brain. Sheesh what an idiot. The whole rant is nonsensical.

  6. what a coincidence, YT put this up front in recommended videos now Tila Tequila tweets about flat earth …..

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