Tinderbox Europe – From Balkan Troubles to World War I PRELUDE TO WW1 – Part 2/3


After multiple wars, the Balkan states had gained independence from the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, Austria-Hungary increased its influence over the …


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  1. Alex crowson says:

    WHY THE hell is there a movie clip of King Ferdinand and Prince Carol of Romania at 3.45???? I would hate to see what your Romania episode shows…i plan to do week by week romania coverage as i am romanian

  2. Alex crowson says:

    3.45 was after ww1..

  3. Liviu A. says:

    Congratulations to you and to your collaborators, Mr. Nidel. One of my favorite history subjects is WW1, especially the chapter written with blood and tears by my country, Romania, which become an important nation in Europe after it.You seem professional so I will watch you, keeping in mind in 28th August 2016 my country will have 100 years from its entrance in the war.

  4. Zach P. says:

    to say Serbia was a young nation is not correct. Serbia might have been occupied by the Turks but its people never lost their Serbian national understanding. Serbia as a nation is the 2nd oldest nation in all of Europe with a proud history. The Kingdom of Serbia was created 780 A.D. long before any of the other mentioned European powers.

  5. Shaolinguru1 says:

    What is the painting at 6:55

  6. mandalynn252 says:

    My question is did the leaders of the super powers realize that the class struggles existed thus feeling a war would unite the people. Or did they live in a fantasy and not even realize that the class struggles were going to become such a problem? The early 20th century was ripe with class struggles in union formations and protests.

  7. Eugenie Daae says:

    Just saying, I think Serbia was given independence in 1835, not quite 1878.

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  9. Clyde Wary says:

    Serbia was considered the violent, uncivilized, backwater of Europe. Prior to WW I, they had a revolution. The King was rousted from his bed, on an upper floor of a hotel, and murdered. His body was thrown through a window, to the street below, where army officers hacked it to bits with their sabers.

  10. Clyde Wary says:

    I should have watched a little further, prior to making my last post! But I DO think my comment is a little more "colorful" and descriptive than that in the video.

  11. Fribourg2012 says:

    great history guys ty

  12. I love this series. Good job.

  13. Zingam says:

    Not "conquered lands", mate, "liberated". The Ottomans were the conquerors, the invaders, the foreign nomad migrants who violently and bloodily captured the Balkans and much more.
    Maybe the Balkan people should have accepted Islam and helped the Ottomans to conquer and convert Western Europe to Islam.

  14. Why wasnt Spain involved on either WW1 nor WW2…?

  15. Jere Balbi says:

    Are you Kevin Costner's brother ¬_¬?

  16. Thanks about your channel, all chapters are very interesting

  17. Paparpadeo says:

    I guess this is far fetched, but will you do World War II ? I mean, I'll be 39, but, hell, I'll watch it !!

  18. The situation in Balkans at that time and the Black Hand can be compared to the situation in Middle East and ISIS, which could mean another world war is just around the corner

  19. Cowpiepizza4 says:

    Here we go again, all of Europe was not experiencing rising Nationalism during the late 1800's, The Germany and the Balkans are not all of Europe.

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