Titanic Conspiracy is REAL 2017


HD Titanic was really Olympic


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  1. oliver smith says:

    I've sat and read through over a thousand comments. Whether the boats were due to be switched, were switched, it never happened etc, you have all missed the point. This video is designed to show you that JP Morgan is a time traveller. It's pretty obvious. Eddison, Morgan and Vanderbilt are all time travellers, which is why they are so rich, and half of America is named after the three of them. And the reason Morgans face was so red, is because he is a time traveller. So, if he is on this wacky timeline, he owes me $100k.

  2. nhuKer says:

    10 secs. in: "that last line is probably bullshit just judging from the title
    30 secs. in:YO! The booms in the shot!
    2 mins. "bitish engineering excellence"… judging that they had nothing but problems for the most part, i call bull shit
    … that the farthest i could get, sorry… good luck with… whatever it is youre trying to do here…

  3. First Mate says:

    Well I openly challenge you, Mr. Smith. This is total crap; and this is not something you discovered, it's a rumor that began in late 1912 and was totally debunked when Titanic was discovered. Titanic's surviving second officer, Charles Lightoller, even addressed this rumor in 1949 calling it "complete hogwash." Titanic had a different interior configuration on B deck with extended suites, the Marconi radio's generator was in a different place on Titanic, (in a separate adjoining room) and she had a glass enclosed promenade, as does what was observed at the wreck site. Do you really think the ship's designer Thomas Andrews and the Guarantee Group from Harland and Wolff wouldn't have realized this on the maiden voyage? Dr. Robert Ballard and James Cameron both confirmed 401 stamped on the the reciprocating engines and on the tank deck as well as a decorative lamp still hanging in the Turkish Baths area on Titanic. Surviving furniture, wall panels and the clock from Olympic's first class staircase have "400" stamped on them, as they should. The two ships were not exactly the same. Titanic's floor tiles on the second class stair case landings were red and white, Olympic's were green and white; I have 7 of them in my personal collection of Olympic artifacts.

  4. Go Lefty says:

    If Olympic had suffered such damage from the Hawk, are there records showing the complete repair of that ship?  Replacement of all essential engine parts that were damaged or bent.  How did the Olympic survive another twenty five years and being a war vessel for a while, if the ship had been considered a broken, unusable ship (before Titanic sailed), that would never pass inspection again? Insurance didn't pay for the damage repairs, they didn't even pay out on the accident itself.  Are there White Star Line Records showing that the Olympic was completely repaired, all parts replaced and the damage to the hull evident but repaired to pass inspection?  Plus, was the name on Olympic riveted on the ship or was it engraved in the steel like they claimed all White Star Line ships names were?

  5. This video, and all the comments, are a waste of server space.

  6. CRS says:

    Video Title: Titanic Conspiracy is REAL 2017……..Uploaded in 2014 XD

  7. There's a ufo above his head

  8. What are your sources?

  9. Also, if Morgan knew the plan for the titanic, why bother putting his things on board at all? Just to take them off an hour before titanic set sail? There's a lot of holes in this story.

  10. If Ismay was part of the plan, WHY THE HELL would he get on that ship???

  11. Matt Grimes says:

    I just can't take you seriously with the boom mic CLEARLY in shot. If you're that lazy as to not crop it out of frame, I cannot believe anything you say. Tell me the sky is blue and as long as that boom mic is in shot, I will challenge you.

  12. Shahana Noor says:

    there are a few things that really needs to look into carefully:
    1. The Collisions: as the titanic and Olympic both had almost same structural exoskeletons so how should titanic sank after just brushing the so called iceberg and why didn't the Olympic sunk when the HMS Hawk slaughter her which almost caused the ship to rip apart, lost starboard propeller and was still able to limp backed to the Southampton.
    2. EJ Smith "The Captain" : A man veteran of 26 years, spent more than half of his life in those waters, can sleep???? when the conditions were toughest, in the middle of the Atlantic, a cold winter moonless night, warnings of ice in the ocean, and surprisingly he still chosen to sleep we he was needed the most, how can he do that after having so much experience????
    3. The Olympic (the later one) : after retiring from the services why the WSL decided to dis-mental and scrapped the Olympic which could be a living memory of the ill-fated Titanic and Britannic, which should be a shadow of history, a mark of amusement for the decades and generations to come to witness the past of Sea Transportation that how stupendous it was a hundreds of years ago, still the WSL think the other way, they were feared that if the ships remain stationary once an eye can reveal the truth and darker secrets, so they dis-mental and scrapped the last living proof of their brutally written "Killer "Script.

  13. 42lookc says:

    What I want to know is, the Olympic was noticeably patched at the damage site. Was she ever properly repaired with replacement hull plates that the damage was no longer visible, or not? Why I'm asking this is that ship watchers–and there's always been a lot of them–would have taken pictures of her patch later on if it was left in place. If she received all new hull plating over the damage site, it would be much harder to detect. Somebody, somewhere, would have snapped a couple of shots of her historic damage if it was possible.

  14. Todd Craner says:

    I have read many people saying how could the worker have not know. I think the question showed be that they might have known, but their jobs at the shipyard were on the line. Also say you go in on Monday morning and are told I've got this guying finishing that you go do this or help out with that. A worker at this time did as he was told, its not like now. There are alsothose who keep bring up the number 401 Titanic ship number however I've never seen a single thing from the Olympic with the number 400 so what does that prove ships are built inclasses which means they all look a like, work a like and their parts are interchangeable. But can anyone of you who say that it is the Titanic explain to me how the MP on Titanic gotthere ? Did someone add it after this to me is one of the most curious problems for it only happen after the ship sank and the letters fell off. Face it ladies and gentlemen the ship isthe OLYMPIC.

  15. Titanic never sunk, It just went over flat earth's edge :3

  16. Did anyone else notice they put 2017 and this was made in 2014

  17. John Bates says:

    This nauseating prancing stuck-up pseudo-expert presentation is shameful because it chooses to ignore all evidence that does not fit with this 'theory'. To see a balance of evidence, tangible evidence, see the documentary 'Was the Titanic Sunk? Documentary on the Titanic Conspiracy' In contrast, this is a good documentary. It debunks the ridiculous myth, originating in the idle talk of idiots who had nothing better to think about. The dumb gossiping class. The same is true today, because people want to believe, just as they want to believe in aliens or that we did not land on the moon, 9/11 etc. We seem to be surrounded by these morons who are too weak to engage their brains, because thinking requires effort and gossip always engages the minds if the idle. For the Titanic there are many items that provide tangible forensic evidence confirming that the ship at the bottom of the Atlantic is the Titanic and the evidence grows with every exploration. It is reassuring when a documentary maker starts out with a mission to understand what has happened … and then logically and intelligently considers the balance of evidence. Conspiracy theorists are generally people of very poor cognition who formulate their opinions, while arduously rejecting any and all genuine tangible evidence that does not fit with their chosen viewpoint. In contrast, they gather and manipulate information which they purport supports their views, no matter how small, irrelevant or stupid.

    Was the Titanic Sunk? : Documentary on the Titanic Conspiracy (Full Documentary)

  18. Ashley Owen says:

    white star switched the ship's after Olympic hit HMS Hawks, and Titanic and Olympic were in the docks together, all towels, bed linen and cutlery was interchangeable from ship to ship and a job that was supposed to take days, took weeks, I say they switched them at this point

  19. All of history n official government narratives are by definition untrue n misleading. Follow the stench of death money n the truth will reveal itself.This version of events sounds highly plausible.

  20. Bubba Boo says:

    this is bull because the captain was ready to retire after this voyage and the wreck wasn't even his fault so he shouldn't feel guilty about nothing even though they said it was his fault he wasn't he know it so the captain didn't have nothing to gain by doing this… no motive no crime

  21. Essa Hayat says:

    Olympic= No Cafe Parisien, Replaced by rooms

    Titanic= No Rooms, Replaced by Cafe Parisien

    See!!!!! Olympic had the cafe after Titanic, look it up!!!!!

  22. This guy looks like ass..

  23. when the titanic sank they found the number that proved it was the Titanic . the Propeller blades are marked with Titanic numbers there is no Conspiracy. end of case

  24. Titanic is bigger then the Olympic drops ? am out baiiii

  25. Titan52berg says:

    Hypothesis is all that it is… a waste of time.

  26. Ryan Howell says:


  27. M.J. Leger says:

    EXCEPT for the rare, true "Act of God" disaster, humans find they MUST blame someone or something.  It's sad, but inevitable.

  28. Jon Hall says:

    faaaaaaaaaaaake it was uploaded in 2014 now it says "real 2017" like i wasnt shot in the 90s this has been disproven time and again after numerous dives to the wreck if you believe this you are a fool

  29. Devan W says:

    gurl, it ain't hard to keep a boom out of frame…

  30. The only people discrediting my information about Jews in this entire channel are the JTRIG shills when they duplicate another users channel to discredit them. (like this one below yet again)

  31. The only people talking about Jews in this entire channel are the JTRIG shills when they duplicate another users channel to discredit them.

  32. Nick Hill says:

    Ireland has its own language that Irish and it's not in English accent.

  33. Nick Hill says:

    God created the universe.

  34. Titan52berg says:

    What did this guy's parents do? Chisel him out of a block of granite?  Or, maybe an iceberg…?

  35. Funny how these idiots claim that White Star would sink the Titanic to profit on it, but everyone forgets that the same company went through serious financial problems a year after – enough to delay work on the Britannic.

  36. rrrglynn says:

    Guys Its fake, even the people who made it admitted it. Go home.

  37. That guys face made me stop watching, think hes an extra terrestial

  38. James CM says:

    Why not just sink the bloody olympic? Wouldn't that be far easier? As usual, a conspiracy with more holes than Swiss cheese. So no men at the shipyard noticed the switch?
    Nobody at white star line noticed a decrease in cargo capacity on titanic?
    The ships crew put themselves in inherent danger if things went wrong, again why the hell would anyone?
    Coal bunkers were usually smouldering on ships, nothing unusual.
    And lastly, he offers nothing in the way of evidence. No photos, no written records, no paper trail and no whistle blowers, all hearsay.
    What a ridiculous conspiracy.

  39. ahj71 says:

    Jesus Fucking Christ you people are fucking insane. Just fucking stop with all the conspiracy shit. Fucking morons.


  41. paulkazjack says:

    Its a shuro for sure!!

  42. M Rotgans says:

    I don't know what you are all on about but one thing is for sure you are all full off shit and have a mental disorder it was not the olympic that sank but in fact the titanic thats proven by divers who found the wreck and identified it as the titanic so spreading all this stupid conspiracy crap to get some attention is just plane sick just like the 911 disaster they say know that that was a conspiracy as well wake up guys get alive and go see a doctor because you have a severe mental disorder

  43. I recommend a book called THE TITAN…like REICHSTAG911 this was pre-planned

  44. Nick Hill says:

    the godamm titanic sank ok the Olympic got scrapped end of the story.

  45. The top comment on here states "the ship at the bottom of the ocean has UNEVEN WINDOWS just like the Olympic.". Olympic had EVEN windows from her launch to 1937 when she was scrapped. Titanic's windows were changed to uneven because of the enclosed deck.

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