Tokyo Ghoul Nightmare Episode Two New Arrivals


New allies, new foes, and an unpredictable character… Important News: You will be able to vote for the next week’s video! You can choose to have a roblox, …


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  1. how long did it take to edit? :^))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  2. Andrew Oeser says:

    How about Tomorrow

  3. Diddykong105 says:

    I like dis so far!

  4. Oh btw, remember to vote for next week's video! ;o

  5. Andrew Oeser says:

    Ok but I can pick you up on weekdays, . but the weekends fine

  6. Andrew Oeser says:

    Could I pick you up on on weekdays when do they go to work ?

  7. do Tokyo Ghoul.its awesome. but add the new characters into the intro

  8. Andrew Oeser says:

    I'll pick u up on Saturday

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