Tom Lehrer: So Long, Mom – A Song For World War III (concert live) (1965)


The first part of the video (my signature slide) is overlaid by the final bars of “Lebanese National Anthem”, which I played on my keyboard.

The main part of the song is one of Tom Lehrer’s live performed songs, “So Long, Mom (A Song For World War III)”. It is part of Tom’s third published live performance album, “That Was The Year That Was”. But I obtained the actual music from the box set, “The Remains of Tom Lehrer”, which was released in 2000. Enjoy.

And the last part is the main theme of “The Phantom of the Opera”, by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Simply the ‘cherry on top’, and my personal song.

Sorry I gave so much information about the music earlier. I don’t want to get screwed by stupid WMG again. They are a bunch of arse-holes. And to make sure I am not screwed, have them read the following credits:

Recorded at the hungry i, San Francisco, CA (7/26/65-7/31/65)
Engineered by DON GEIS
From the album “That Was The Year That Was,” Reprise #RS-6179 (1965)

“The Remains of Tom Lehrer” Compilation ℗ 2000 Warner Bros. Records Inc. & Rhino Entertainment Company.


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