Top 10 Nuclear Bomb Scenes in Movies


WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. These big screen scenes will make you wanna duck and cover. Join as we count down our picks for …


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  1. S.yes says:

    1:24 me lembra muito o Fallout 4

  2. they shold he put the explosion from the movie 2012

  3. jpalasz123 says:

    What about the peacemaker at the beginning..?

  4. Fran DC says:

    me destrozaron el final de batman. Os odio

  5. Ame Wolf says:

    It's all over but the cryings not and nobody is crying but me

  6. TheMaleRei says:

    Threads was fantastic in that horrifying way.

  7. The Aquila says:

    What about the Florida Keys explosion in True Lies?

  8. RWZiggy says:

    Miracle Mile had a few good nukes and end of it all

  9. Steven Smith says:

    i dont like that the indiana jones nuke fridge scene was made out to be so damaging of the integrity of the franchise. i mean the whole franchise had scenes in every movie that was hanus and totally fake but nobody seems to care then. but everyone wants to jump on the "im a total nerd because im insightful to nerdy movies" bandwagon. causing people with poles way too far up there butts to actually call out an indiana jones movie on being fabricated. whats next, people are going to point out that mad max had a simple plot, oh yea that already happened. why dont people just get laid already and get a life so i dont have to hear some half ass critique of a decent movie and definitly not the worst indy movie (temple of doom) in a franchise

  10. I liked the explosion in Indiana Jones and the crystal skull

  11. what about the Postal movie, USA gets nuked by the chinese while Bin Larden and Bush holding hands skipping through a field

  12. ENCELADUS says:

    You forgot to mention The Peacemaker


  14. ercost60 says:

    True Lies! Mojo FAILS!

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