Top 10 SECRET PLACES You Can’t Go


Top 10 Most Mysterious, Secret, and Hidden Places YOU Can’t Visit include places such as Bohemian Grove, Room 39, Bilderberg group meetings, …


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  1. Why do… you… talk like… a… robot? Seriously.

  2. damn im rejected nooooo lol makes me wana just sneak in haha wait not realy lol

  3. SlothCake says:

    Yerp Mcdonalds is definitely a part of the Illuminati and they have poisoned your bigmac so beware

  4. Dan & Red says:

    I have eaten at Club 33, my dad worked at disneyland in the 80's and once every year employees are aloud to take they're family to eat. Cool place!

  5. james munch says:

    Ive visited one of those places. Several times till I said no more.

  6. Danny Black says:

    you sound like a young Christopher Walken.

  7. And how do they know this stuff

  8. i want to know a secret behind area5q

  9. FALSE. Do your research before making a videos like this. There are several false statements in this video including "the only place in Disney that serves alcohol".

  10. Matt Pado says:

    #7 is a bunker for all the Mormons in salt lake to survive for 7 years during the apocalypse. seriously.

  11. Matt Pado says:

    #1 is not so secret anymore as it has been made public recently.

  12. if i was mega ultra super rich, i would meet with other mega ultra super rich and devise a plan to take over the world. Totally logical imo

  13. Sarah Omar says:

    10 places added to my bucket list ….ill go …watever it takes ???⚠✔✅???????

  14. 6:27 sounds like illuminati

  15. Im a morman and i know why they do that.

  16. I fucked a Japanese Royalty.

  17. Beatriz Aron says:

    Can you do a video about dysney creepy mysteries?

  18. I'm a Mormon and we don't have a vault

  19. Peter Tummon says:

    This was a fun video, until the very end, when I had the laid back voice replaced with a very loud "STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING" and a picture of that creepypasta freaky thing on the bed… was going to pop outside for a last cigarette…. It's dark out, think I'll pass…
    P.S. please sort out the audio levels, does anyone preview this sort of thing any more?

  20. d2m2k2 says:

    You can't pronounced Pyongyang…?

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