Top 10 Upcoming Nike Shoes Of 2016


Top 10 Nike shoes that will be released in 2016. List consists of 2016 Nike Basketball shoes, Nike Running shoes and Nike Lifestyle Shoes. Upcoming releases …


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  1. They're pretty much all basketball shoes. :/

  2. Riri Squad says:

    their all ugly??

  3. Rares Pasca says:

    what song is when the clip star

  4. Cameron Knox says:

    N.8 why was black in. The back

  5. What the price of air max

  6. Danny Madrid says:

    i went to buy shoes when i found one that was pretty cool i saw this black nike shoe wich has the nike sign of gold

  7. shoz deserver u who buy it not who like new or old all look same best 1 forcez new balance polo shoe lug bootz infusion all gave meee n some sale so NoT some free some noT but no wat make u happy u know who you are the honesty one I remember
    no matter wat gone down love with all HEARTs

  8. ever thing all wayz so dam funny to clown parda
    black or white

  9. FUNny i$ guy who don't care I think we all know who he is just not go gave up strip clubs nurse home tapez conradare I Wish some with common scene get stop that not u k

  10. how can I buy like this shoes

  11. JACK Davies says:

    cheap price nike air max sale
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    what's app:+8613860917043
    thank you

  12. TwinLeash says:

    nice vid, I do videos as well.  I also do reviews on shoes, check it out!!

  13. Nike Airmax 2016 already….

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