Top 10 World War I Movies


It claimed millions of lives, changed the world, and left us with some powerful, heartbreaking films. Join as we count down our picks …


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  1. Canaan B says:

    The Lost Battalion and Joyeux Noel need to be on here.

  2. RawB0x says:

    not because it,s old, that it's better.

  3. picardbs says:

    This is just an American Top 10 for American audience. Nothing else

  4. SmithNet says:

    WARNING – Someone one hacked in porn early on in the video.

  5. NutShot Pro says:

    i was expecting "the lost battalion" and "Beneath hill 60" in this vid

  6. You aint going to please everyone but choice 1 and 3 are there with me.

  7. 8:11 that has to be the first time any movie mentioned that Italy was in World War 1

  8. One, ur voice sounds like an annoying robot and two can u pick a movie in this century cuz these special affects are shit and boring

  9. Battlefield 1 anybody? ;)

  10. "Casa Blank-Ah"

    Casa Blan-kah …..

  11. where is Paschendale

  12. Will Salnek says:

    NO Passchendaele !!!!

  13. R Brooke says:

    Where is Aces High?

  14. IRonikz_ Pro says:

    0:30 did that guy get shot in the chin with a bb gun? Lol

  15. I found this list quite poor, My favourite is: The Lost Batallion. The remake of. All Quiet On The Western Frount was better than the original. The Blue Max was another very good WW1 movie. You also left out , Passiondale, 1st class WW1 film. Light Horse. Also not on your list, or even mentioned. Normally I don't feel moved to comment but this list is so full of cheesey old films, I felt compelled to mention those above.

  16. Kulo Ren says:

    johny got his the movie that appears in one video of metallica isn't?

  17. According to Watchmojo Stanley Kubriks 8:th best film is the worlds third best ww1 movie. That man is just a king

  18. Sergeant York should be on here

  19. How about top ten World War One movies that have color

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