TOP SECRET: Hillary Clinton Files – Full Documentary 2016


The FBI released a summary of its file from the Hillary Clinton email investigation on Friday, showing details of Clinton’s explanation of her use of a private email …


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  1. Let's be clear, all politicians are completely full of shit, ALL!

  2. Mill Wright says:

    Boy, she could work for Dottyshire with those credentials!

  3. freefromfear says:

    Liar,vicious,traitor,slanderer,scammer,and Bitch from hell?and oh yeah Hilliary has a Penis,,,hahahhahhh..

  4. Mohammed Ali says:

    society receives the leaders it deserves. as those leaders come from that society.

  5. Marisa Monte says:

    There just greedy for power and money

  6. l harrison says:

    Career crime should be Hilary's first name.

  7. She has a history of stealing files. She was fired from the Watergate commission for stealing files. She was unemployable until she met Bill Clinton. She then got a job at Rose Law firm. She stole billing records which would implicate her in criminal activity related to Whitewater. Vince Foster hid them for her, and died the day after he returned them to her!
    When Bill is elected president, she stole the FBI files, in a scandal known as "filegate".
    She used those files to blackmail people, including Rudy Giuliani during her senate race against him!
    She is a pathological liar and sociopath. Her hero is Saul Alinsky, a luciferian who teaches how to fight dirty, politically!

  8. International banking cartels rule the USA .

  9. RaKelle Lane says:

    Wow! I've been learning during this campaign of all of Hilary's recent crookedness… I didn't know that she has a long past filled with even more! Its so clear that she will say and do anything to try and become President! She doesn't care who she hurts. I wish everyone could see this video and know all of this! I'm praying every day that Trump wins! God Bless America Please!!

  10. We all must come into the Unity of the Faith and swing the Two-Edged Sword of our Lord Jesus Christ in Unison.  See Population Growth Explosion around 1948 when Physical Israel became a nation.  Judgment begins at the House of God

  11. Jose Rea says:

    When you use Anne Coulter as a basis of your accusations you lose all credibility.

  12. I am relieved this evil cow lost the election!

  13. LOLOLOLOL TRUMP GRAB THE electoral vote by the Pusssy !!!!!LOL And Pimp Slap her ASS

  14. this people should taken action wtf by the way I am a khasi from india still so concerning about USA so much

  15. Dean Blake says:

    Russian disinformation

  16. Maybe Putin directed this movie?

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