Top UFO video captured on camera real. UFO 2017


Top rated UFO online video captured on digital camera serious. UFO 2017

це відео створено за допомогою Відеоредактора YouTube (


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  1. Paul Brown says:

    wankers good one haven't heard that in a long time all his or her videos are CGI

  2. On picture from video that is not UFO.That maded America

  3. Essa montagem é boa! mas, eu faço melhor com meu rottweiler em cima deste disco voador de papel kkkkkkkk

  4. tell fuck you that's enough .stupid

  5. Attila Kasza says:

    No ! This video is a liar. Nem ! Ez egy hazug video.

  6. Wankers like this make the UFO subject look like a joke!

  7. Why do you post fake crap? What do you gain?

  8. kjb B says:

    the music was so believable it made the uap look fake

  9. kjb B says:

    computer generated

  10. Ŝ๓Ӧǩ'M says:

    So, where are the ufos? All i see is cheap fisher price CGI

  11. über Texas ??? So Häuser stehen nicht in Texas !!! Gib Dir mehr Mühe beim Faken !!!

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