Top US Senator Assassinated As Obama “Weather War” Plunges World Into Chaos


A new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Russia’s foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) states that a former top United States Senator, Ted Stevens, was assassinated this week after he attempted to gather evidence “proving” that President Obama has unleashed America’s devastating “weather weapons” against the World.

As we had previously reported on in our  reports titled “PakistanFlood:HAARPUsedinPakistan?” and “Russia Burns, China Drowns: US To Blame?” Russian research scientist Dr. Andrey Areshev has joined the ranks of International scientists and experts stating their belief that the extreme weather chaos currently battering our Planet is being caused by the Tesla technology based weapons systems directed from Alaska’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, otherwise known as HAARP.

Now according to this GRU report, Senator Stevens was approached less than a fortnight ago by his longtime friend and Alaskan bush pilot Theron “Terry” Smith whose son-in-law, Alaskan Air National Guard Major Aaron W. Malone, was killed on July 28th after having his C-17 US Military aircraft “targeted” by a HAARP “Tesla Beam” while in the air over Anchorage, Alaska causing it to crash and explode upon impact killing all aboard. [Note: The Russian translation for “targeted” as used in this report does not assign HAARP blame as it includes an “accidental” verb component.]

Upon Senator Stevens beginning his investigation into HAARP’s causing the crash of the Major Malone’s C-17, this report continues, he enlisted the aid of two powerful Washington power brokers, oil fortune heir William “Bill” Phillips Sr. and former NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe.

Phillips was a longtime ally and supporter of Senator Stevens and as the heir to the Phillips Petroleum fortune is said in these reports to have in the past used his vast fortune to privately finance US intelligence “activities” to support his countries efforts to gain access to Global oil reserves.

Phillips had long warned Americans that the United States does not have any big oil companies. And it’s true: the largest American oil company, Exxon Mobil, is only the 14th largest in the World and is dwarfed by the really big oil companies — all owned by foreign governments or government- sponsored monopolies — that dominate the World’s oil supply.

With 94% of the World’s oil supply locked up by foreign governments, most of which are hostile to the United States, the relatively puny American oil companies do not have access to enough crude oil to significantly affect the market and help bring prices down. Thus, ExxonMobil, a “small” oil company, buys 90% of the crude oil that it refines for the US market from the big players, i.e., mostly-hostile foreign governments.

O’Keefe was the former administrator for the Untied States space agency NASA from 2001-2005, and whose reign included the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster that occurred on February 1, 2003, when upon its reentry into Earth’s atmosphere disintegrated over Texas, and which this report says O’Keefe “always” blamed on HAARP because at the exact time of this tragedy it had begun transmitting in what is called “deep sea communication mode”.

[Note: During the “Navy Deep-Sea Communication” operational mode, the shortwave radio pulses are all, with military precision, exactly 6.25 seconds long with either exactly 15 or 30 second spaces between pulses. Those long and short binary spaces in between the pulses are actually the coded message. Something like the dits and dahs of very slow Morse code. In this mode, the power is usually at maximum. Unlike the research mode, which mostly runs at night, the US Navy communication mode can be at any time of the day or night, any month of the year. The transmissions may run continuously for about 10 to 30 hours, or from one to several days.

Following the 9-11 World Trade Center attack, and just minutes after the President declared the highest Defense Condition Four (DefCon4), HAARP began transmitting at highest power for 18 hours in “deep-sea communication” mode. This is the only way to communicate the DefCon4 condition and updated battle commands to the US nuclear submarines on station miles deep in the ocean.]

The various transmission ranges of HAARP are important to note, this report says, as “immediately prior” to Senator Stevens plane going down Russian satellites orbiting over the Arctic detected a “powerful” 3.39 megahertz signal emanating from HAARP’s Copper Valley Area, Gakona, Alaska base and “directed” over the region this tragedy occurred in.

According to US news reports Phillips was killed in this crash [photo above] and O’Keefe is in hospital in critical condition, and with Senator Stevens being killed also means their investigation into HAARP has died along with them.

To the chaos erupting all over the World as the result of Obama’s allowing the use of these catastrophic HAARP “weather weapons” it can only be described as being “biblical” in the apocalyptic destruction it is causing, and which includes:

To what is linking these Global weather catastrophes we can read as reported by Britain’s Channel 4 News science correspondent Tom Clarke who in his video report titled “Turbo-Charged Monsoon Confounds Forecasters” states:

“Normally the jet stream is a giant loop of high speed winds that whip round the upper atmosphere. The jet stream isn’t involved in day to day weather – it’s too high up – but because it pushes the atmosphere around it’s very important in steering large scale weather patterns below.

The stream has split in two. One arm has gone north, another south. The patch in the middle is Russia’s drought. A circulating pattern of air has been sitting over Russia for far longer than normal, causing the extreme temperatures and wildfires they’ve had there.

But what’s happening over Pakistan is even stranger. The southern arm of the Jet stream has looped down so far it has crossed over the Himalayas into north western Pakistan. Experts at the Met Office tell me this is very unusual.

And the result is that the fast moving jets stream winds high up has helped suck the warm, wet, monsoon air even faster and higher into the atmosphere – and that has caused rains like no-one can remember. It has turbo charged the monsoon if you like. They’re not sure that’s ever happened before.”

To HAARP’s ability to affect our Earth’s jet streams we can further read from a report prepared in the 1990’s by the US Air Force and which, in part, states:

“HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), being constructed for the Air Force and Navy by an ARCO subsidiary, is such a project. Touted as scientific research, HAARP is a thinly disguised project to “perturb” the ionosphere with extremely powerful beams of energy to see what military uses it can serve. According to the HAARP RFP, these energy beams will be used to “control ionospheric processes in such a way as to greatly enhance the performance of C3 systems (or, to deny accessibility to an adversary).” That sounds like a weapon to this writer. Other such projects go by the code names BIME, RED AIR, CRRES, EXCEDE, CHARGE IV, WISP, ACTIVE, HIPAS, RADC, AIM, etc..

Nuclear bombs exploded in high altitude tests in the late fifties and early sixties by both the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. caused weather and jet stream changes that lasted almost 20 years. Do the HAARP heaters offer the same potential as they “perturb” the ionosphere? The ionosphere is home to many beneficial natural phenomena among them filtering the sun’s harmful rays and reflecting radio waves used for communications. Although not totally understood, the ionosphere also directly effects the weather systems and the jet streams.”

To the reasons for Obama unleashing of HAARP weapons upon our World we had touched on in our reports “Pakistan Flood: HAARP Used in Pakistan?” and “Russia Burns, China Drowns: US To Blame?” and though not conclusive contains:

  • The catastrophic flooding in China and apocalyptic heat and fires in Russia put both of these US enemies in the position of having to ask the Americans for food aid as their summer crops are being destroyed on an unprecedented basis.
  • The epic flooding occurring in Pakistan is effectively destroying that Nations ability to both feed and defend itself and whom Obama has labeled as one of the Americans number one enemies.
  • The devastating heat occurring in the United States will enable Obama to push through the US Congress a “Global Warming” tax agenda many believe will be the “final nail” needed to destroy the United States as a major World Power.

Alert: The 2010 Food Crisis IS HERE – Are We Ready?

To the “unintended consequences” of Obama’s “weather war” against the World we can now only glimpse as the wholesale destruction of summer crops in the Northern Hemisphere is now warned will cause food riots as inflationary pressures upon what little food is left to feed our Planet can very well push us all into Total Global War.

And finally, though we do not know what the outcome of these momentous events will be, it is in our knowing to warn, that above all else, everyone reading these words should make the storing of food their top priority as this Summer of Woe will surely become a Winter of Discontent.

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  1. voxx says:

    If the American Gov’t and big bank Jewish people are to blame for the horrific occurences that are happening in the world today. We as a civilized society have a mission to right the wrongs of our ignorant leaders and jail / cripple these, crony banking frauds for what they are.
    We can do it it just takes balls and determination to stand up to the liberal liars of the world.

  2. Then you will know what is right for you.

  3. mikeY says:

    Hi guys, Research nicholas Tesla….
    This man back in 1930 researched and demonstrated sending electric energy and plasma into the air as a power source, a weapon, weather modification including causing earthquakes. There is a quoute I read straight from Nicholas Tesla, he stated (with this technology) ” we could bring down 10,000 planes of the enemies within a 200mi wide area”

    He was a genius of his day, he wanted free power for everyone. Today certain groups of people are using this now refined technology for personal gain and manipulation. I could see the president being one of these groups. These elite b*st*rds want their carbon tax.

  4. msbetz says:

    Obama must be REMOVED immediately …. 25th amendment was written to remove a sitting president.
    Reinstate Glass-Steagall act H.R. 1489 return America to prudent banking laws. eliminates illegal debt.
    It’s not OUR debt and Obama is not our president!

  5. Alaskan Air National Guard Major Aaron W. Malone …a jew in Your Defence is suicide as jews in Your Economy killed That Already.

    I NEVER Heard from a radiobeam that destroyed an Airplane by Fysically Destructive Force.
    I Never Heard about a Plane That Could stay at One spot to digest All 3 day long radioenergy.Even lasertargetting CAN NOT stay on one spot at a Plane.
    I NEVER Read about All the tubelights in Kitchens going MAD when a Supposed haarp activated.
    I NEVER Heard Testimonies That Convinced Me an Air ionising narrow beam Was Spotted.
    I NEVER Heard of masses of Death People By Cooked Water in the Heads
    I NEVER SAW Reports or Testimonies of ionised (Glowing Air) Air when Supposedly a haarp should be active at a haarpinstallation
    I NEVER Read Geological Activity in the Neighbourhood of an Supposed haarpfacility when Supposedly trigegring an Earthquake.
    I CAN NOT Believe a facility with a 30Mln a Year Budget – including Energybill – Can Do Any Thing More than a Radiostation.
    NOT ONE Earthquajke monitor Spotted Geological Disturbance at a haarpfacility at any given Moment including The Disastermoments it is associated with.

    FACE IT haarp IS JUST ONE of the many jewmediaterrorweapons to distract to alienate Races And Nations.And distract Form the FACT JEWS MASSIVELY raped drugged tortured YOUR Children at Kindergartens and elementaries where a Vatican is peanuts.

    AND ALL YOUR Children Do Have heroin ghb lsd Reproductioninhibitors Muscletraumainductors scopolaminea heavy metals strychnine and other poisons And VERY probably HAD sterlising And sichmaking radiationtherapies formaost at scholltrips and campweeks Where the jewish religious rabbis and Szch Are the pro Serial Child rapers organisers torturers and druggers who als prostitute YOUR Children!

    You Do Have Bigger Concerns !

  6. So now they’re blaming HARRP for the Columbia disaster? Really?

  7. Bob Fletcher says:

    I was the only person in the world to testify before the US SENATE intelligence committee, June 1995, about weather control as a weapon! See my web page .I have
    DVD that is available , it explains the Weather Control. I have the original copy of the TREATY signed by Russia, America and others, about this ability ! The storms in America in May 2011 could be from HAARP. I warned Associated Press in 1994.
    China now has thousands working in their weather programs as well.

  8. Manxie says:

    Wow! Imagine in Al Quaeda got hold of this! Oh thats right, they already do because Al Quaeda is a made-up threat in which the ‘attacks’ are undertaken by the US’s organised criminal organisations like the CIA and military.

    • Ian Jacklin says:

      Lol. Glad to see I’m not the only one that knows this. When they reported Osama was killed I laughed and said yeah 8 years ago but very few people around me knew that let alone that 911 was an inside job!

  9. Nayanika says:

    It is in the interest of all of us to act in accordance with our conscience and take action with total awareness and intent.

    Nothing that nature unleashes or brings to bear is unprecedented. It is our folly and short-sightedness, not to be in total awareness. We have to be the Uni-polarity and move as one , all the nations of this world, NOW.

    Action from the heart, and from Love does not need language, learning or any skills, and can be the one single voice which will help us overcome all of this and more. These are words from Martin Luther King, Jr . A look back at many great minds will authenticate and make clear, why this is the best course of action.

    Entropy of Nations , not unlike that of cells within our body need to be enhanced .

    Thank you


  10. John Aspray says:

    Dr Nick Begich has a brother Mark, who just happens to be an Alaskan Governor. Michael Moore’s agent is the brother of Rahm Emmanuel. They’ve got all the angles covered.

  11. phil says:

    Please, people, get out of your parents’ basements and get a life! Just read the posts: Tesla beams, conspiracy theories, plane crashes, and weather manipulation. What a crock. Let’s stop the pseudo-science and accept the obvious: there’ve been natural disasters since the dawn of time. And that’s just the way it is.

  12. ravenise says:

    Nick (Begich) With HAARP “We can isolate every oil and gas field on this planet and discern weather its oil, gas or water. Arco (Atlantic rich fields) originally owned the HAARP patents through one of their subsidiaries and geophysical probing to find out where oil and gas fields were, were one of their missions. That is a huge thing but in order to do it, you have to pulse the signal up into the ionosphere, cause the ionosphere to create a ELF (extremely low frequency signal), and you do that by pulsing the energy in, so you can visualize this energy going up like a fist punching the ionosphere, and with each punch it creates a long wave (counter punch) that comes back to the earth, penetrates the earth and sea, reflects a certain amount of energy which then you can then analyze and determine what is under the ground. The problem is the same range of frequency used for earth penetrating tomography happens to correlate with predominant brain waves with human beings and as a side effect creates the frequency following response.”

    (in this circumstance FFR is the ability for your brain waves to sync and mimic the ELF frequency that you are exposed to) That explains why I almost literally died of extreme sickness and headache during the Mexicali HAARP based technology quake

    Sunday, April 04, 2010 –Major HAARP induced Quake hits Mexicali, witnesses note strange clouds and lights in the sky, 400+ aftershocks.

    During the ELF induced earthquake on April 5th, NASA miscalculated a coronal mass ejection which hit a day earlier than suspected, as well as a geomagnetic storm. DARPA timed this quake for plausible deniability. Witnesses in Mexicali, Chili, Haiti, China, and other countries saw classic HAARP induced anomalies in the sky just prior to the earthquakes. Many people reported physiological effects ranging from headaches and sickness to near death experiences. We can be damn sure of this… enough evidence exists that tectonic weaponry is currently being used on an unprecedented scale.

    As you can see in this real time simulation of the ELF attack, HAARP based technology pushes the ionosphere hundreds of kilometers into space, then it slams back down like a fist punching the earth, causing the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, and 400+ aftershocks. HAARP technology can be used for earth penetrating tomography to locate fossil fuels.

    April 06 2010 – Coast to Coast AM – Dr. Nick Begich – HAARP, Mind Effects, and ESP – Hour 3 – Minute 16:25

    (I have uploaded this 2.6 hour interview regarding HAARP here: )

    DARPA asset, and author of “Angels Don’t Play this HAARP”, Dr. Nick Begich exclaims: “With HAARP we can isolate every oil and gas field on this planet and discern weather its oil, gas or water.

    Arco (Atlantic rich fields) originally owned the HAARP patents through one of their subsidiaries and geophysical probing to find out where oil and gas fields were, were one of their missions. That is a huge thing but in order to do it, you have to pulse the signal up into the ionosphere, cause the ionosphere to create a ELF (extremely low frequency signal), and you do that by pulsing the energy in, so you can visualize this energy going up like a fist punching the ionosphere, and with each punch it creates a long wave that comes back to the earth, penetrates the earth and sea, reflects a certain amount of energy which then you can then analyze and determine what is under the ground. The problem is the same range of frequency used for earth penetrating tomography happens to correlate with predominant brain waves with human beings and as a side effect creates the frequency following response. (in this circumstance FFR is the ability for your brain waves to sync and mimic the ELF frequency that you are exposed to)”

    Ahmadinejad recently spoke about evacuating millions from Tehran because of potential earthquakes. The Pentagon in conjunction with geophysical exploration industry may be poised to attack Iran with HAARP technology. April 14: “(HAARP) [currently] can’t reach Iran, if that’s your question,” one of ‘those’ researchers, Dennis Papadopoulos told Danger Room. “But if I put HAARP on a ship, or on an oil platform, who knows?”

    I believe HAARP based technology was used on April 5th for two primary reasons… one, to utilize HAARP’s ground penetrating tomography capabilities to scope out remaining reserves in the Mexicali region. The other reason, I believe, was to intimidate elements within Mexico’s government and its largest corporation, Pemex, into giving their precious and long standing sovereign oil rights up to the multinational oil cartel such as BP, Chevron, Exxon, and others.

    Right after the quake, Pemex, second largest oil exporter to the USA, “finally admitted they need outside expertise in righting their ship.” “We are running out of oil. We underinvested in our infrastructure in favor of huge social programs. We’ve mismanaged our fields so badly that we need ‘immediate help’ to find and pump more oil.” This is from a major player in the global oil export market.

    Low orbit satellite “Galaxy 15” was disabled during the HAARP attack. “The Orbital-built Galaxy 15 satellite suffered failures in its ability to send telemetry to ground teams, and to receive commands, on April 5.“ “Thompson said heightened solar activity, which he said was equivalent to an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale, is “our best-informed guess” of what caused the Galaxy 15 problem.”

  13. ldrancer says:

    yea add haiti as a nation of blacks to that, who would want welfare, which is close by, and that other one.

  14. NoZi says:

    It’s crossed my mind a few times recently how ‘coincidental’ it is that the weather seems to be attaching all the countries the U.S. wishes to destroy…

  15. wiggins says:

    I was always suspicious of the hurricanes experienced in the Southern UK in the late 80’s. Seems strange that just this area was devastated. Could this have been caused by a HAARP prototype, having a test run and going wrong?

  16. Andre says:

    Hey guys!

    First let me say that I am in no way any kind of a fan of all the BS happening in the world at the moment, but I’d like to ask a rational question. Even if Senator Stevens was trying to gather evidence “proving” that President Obama has unleashed America’s devastating “weather weapons” against the World how can we say at this moment that he was assassinated? The plane went down just a very short time ago and the jury is still out on what exactly caused the crash. This is still an ongoing investigation and if they do manage to somehow prove that HAARP was involved do you really think they’ll admit it? If they do they’ll be signing their own death warrants. And you have to consider where this info is coming from. From Putin’s own GRU and that fact alone would make this report highly suspect, at the very least. The Russians are extremely good game players (strategists) and obviously would like to blame America for everything just to divert attention away from themselves and their own nefarious plans. What PAP is doing right now is sensationalist reporting and yellow journalism without real hard facts to back them up. They need cold hard facts to backup their claims and not put the cart before the horse.
    On the other hand, perhaps they did bring down that plane on purpose because Senator Stevens was getting too close to the truth and starting to make the Obama clan nervous. But will we ever really know for sure? I think not. America has become a land ruled by desperation and the little hook-nosed snots. America is hanging on by a thread and as a modern fascist dictatorship/police state it will probably do anything and everything to ensure its precarious survival. And that includes anyone who doesn’t toe the “company line”. If anyone has any solid evidence to back up this “assassination” claim, I would certainly like to hear it.

    • TruthSeeker says:


      The moral of this report is not whether the good Senator was assassinated or the fate was just an accident. The underlying danger of this report is the ability of our elite (bureaucratic, financial, and corporate) to manipulate the atmosphere to create global weather disasters. This is very scary and if that turns to be true, then I have no problem believing the conspiracy. I know enough to question every bit of our government and the satanic globalists who are on unprecedented spin to alter our planet for evil ideological and oppressive missions. Just like 911 we do not know for sure who did it, but we know why it was done and that all it matters.

  17. arlenice says:

    Upon reading this Important info, I remember a very important source of information found in the Bible that correlates with this information; God has forwarned us of this and it is found in the Bible as follows:
    Revelation 11:17-19 (New International Version)
    Verse: 17…saying: “We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty,
    the One who is and who was,because you have taken your great power
    and have begun to reign.
    Verse. 18…The nations were angry; and your wrath has come.
    The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who reverence your name,
    Verse.19…Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rublings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a great hailstorm.
    (Dear Friends, if ever we sought God; this is the time to seek His protection and guidance, we are at the end of time as we know this world to be.., and at the near beginning of a good world that Jesus went to prepare for us and said that he went to prepare a place for us, that :”where He would be, there we would be also?FRIENDS, BE NOT AFRAID, We should not fear because God Is Always In Control! ! !) ..Remember Scripture: “Be ye not mocked for the Lord is not fooled; for WHATSOVER a man soweth, so shall he reap”
    God Bless us all and God Bless America according to His Will.
    We are to pray for one another. Your friend,

  18. rtaylortitle says:

    I look to RT to get more “real” information about current events than I do our own ‘home-grown’ media. Journalism in this country has disintegrated into politically correct mush with important issues/events sometimes never discussed at all. As far as FOX…I given up except for Judge Andrew Napolitano.

  19. hotstuff says:

    I Júst Learned That haarp is , when active , transmitts at Most 3,6 Megawatt or 3.600 Kilowatts!

    When I Use the Stove to Heat the Kettle I Use about one Kilowatt…1 Kw for about five Minutes !

    SÒÒO…I Cán Make Me 3600 Cups of Coffee or thea at the Same Time with haarp !

    I Realy Do Hope You Are Able to See the Whole of the haarpfabels are a scam , a divertion And a Joke ?

    If the floods are artificial , I Bet jews turned the Gates of the Dams open Up on the Rainfalls….If the Fires in Russia are artificial …I Bet mossad is Running around in That Country !

    Up on That , israel has a grunge against Russia because Russia Installed Rocketdefence Near Iran And disturbed the jewish poor little birdy wishes about robbing the Drinkingwaters And Eufraatregion from Iran !

    And jews Always Commit revenge , by raping Your Children or throwing You in a Disaster , poison Your Food And Water , Destroying Your Harvests , Such Kind of ways !

    Bsides That , jews are for years Already setting up Every One against Every One to get their So wished for Disaster And Most prefered World war 3 started …I Am Amazed Why the World Not Just Gives thém their Sóóó wished for World war 3 ?
    hotstuff says:
    August 21, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Strange…Why are the israelites not Mentioned in This analysis ?

    I Am VERY Sure israel And World jewry who Are acting Like a sekt or battlegroup in Peacetime…Do Have a Most influencual role at World Stage , Always Had as only ones., are wandering over the World for millenia and live by plunder Crime and terrorism of Óf Nations And Mankind , ending each plunderperiod with throwing the Victims into a war or other Disaster!

    Since about the WTC attack they multiple times Already tried to start a World war 3 … Uzbekistan Better Prepare for the coming of the israelites or jews …jews or israelites are able to enslave a Nation or Population with in ten years !

    What the set ups for ww3 Concerns , Said is that groups of people are setting Fires in Russia…israel would have an interest in seeding racial hate and Fears as they do Already for years in Every Nation possible …So That Can be mossad terrorgroups ….the Abu Dhubai killing of a high Palestinian Official Was Same setting…20 mossad agents….WTC…..20 people….Russia 20 or multiples of 20 mossad Maby ?

    There is the Fact the jew bilderberg , defenceminister of Germany donated six Submarines to israel in 2009 ….Soon after That a South Korean Warvessel Sunk by German Torpedos !
    Terroristcel World jewmedia screamed instantly North Vietnam should have done That ….BÙT I Am Not Só Súre Óf Thát …I Put My Money on israel as I Always Do!

    Wikileaks leaked some pro israel info…Pakistan would be a bad Boy…islam worse then thought…Oh My … Realy ?
    This Only serves israeli Geo political wishes and interests !

    I Believe israelites have planned israel as center of World power…it Also is at a Central Geo location of Landmasses And Opposite to the Sun !

    With israel as center of worldpower and the jewish race the boss in Every Nation And Population as they are now Already And for years quite a Lot , a plundering Lot !

    So to My Opinion …an Artikle That is Not Blaming israelites is blaming Victims of jewcrimes …as I Said after plunder jews throw Nations into wars and Disasters , to come back after and start all over again raping , plundering and destroying!

    You Do HAVE 20 MILLION Homeless People Running Around in Your Nation, SOME Thing MUST Be Wrong….Maby Some thing Happened to Them?

    Where is the Possesions , Where is the Money ?

    And haarp?
    Just a Joke And Divertion , And That is the True power of That weapon!
    Also conveniently diverting the Attention of the by Disaster struck Nations toward Amerika in a Bad way!

    You Also HAVE TO Guard the planning of a Possible Grand Starvation as artificial Disaster IN Your Nation , as Happened in the 1920s-1930s And killed an Estimated 12 Million Amerikan Citicens or More!

    Artificial Starvations were Very Popular as Mass Destructionweapon if You Remember the Amerikan , Russian , European , Chinese ,North Vietnamese,Afrikan Starvations And kizzingers Population control by Starvations , Bút in Fact his people used That weapon often befor Through All of History !

    That way they máde most People christians Also , for jewdriven fake christianity !

    BÙT Strange israel and jews are left out of this story All the way ?

    • ROSE says:

      Again maybe its another way to make war with usa a fallabe purpose
      one must alwaays have a good reason to explain stupid actions

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