TOP World War 2 Games 2016 | Upcoming


In this video, We take a look at the top world war games of 2016.Most of them are in alpha or beta, and are EXPECTED to be fully released in the 2016. Do you …


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  1. 3:06 I like how the role of women in history is being revealed in any possible way :)

  2. Black Fox says:

    whats is the name song in the end please!!!!

  3. Lol, where's War Thunder? It's way better then that Flying Tigers game.

  4. what about days of war ?

  5. Churchils speach gave me chills

  6. war thunder is still cool
    and free;)

  7. B Oi says:

    Kkk hissss

  8. neilerator says:

    I want a new Company of Heroes ;-; although Blitzkrieg seems prettya interesting too

  9. faby xero says:

    i would play a sniper elite with a german sniper to kill soviets or americans.

  10. James Moon says:

    They need to stop making WWII games. Overdone and there are better things that can be used to even further, greater potential for storylines, gameplay styles, art, creativity, etc. Seriously, companies are either lazy or just too scared to try anything new.

  11. MrMeineNamen says:

    Gotta be honest. Nothing really stood out to me

  12. A new sniper elite? For me it died when you shoot adolf before he goes onto the train..

  13. KOSVENDETTA says:

    When they took sniper elite difficulty and one shot rifle kills outta of the multiplayer for the 3rd game Sniper Elite just sucked

  14. Aaron murphy says:

    they all have terrible graphics. I guess we will have to wait for battlefield to release the sequal to battlefield 1 which will only be another two years or something like that but im sure bf1 will keep me occupied.#rest in piece cod

  15. WaCe Boss says:

    B17 The flying fortess remasterd

  16. Number 3 gave me chills

  17. i dont think there would be any shooter would beat Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm

  18. Bodhi Arnold says:

    Sniper Elite 4 looked just like just cause 3 for the first minute

  19. Where is brothers in arms??are they ever coming back

  20. Wow, Sniper elite 4 from Italy :), I'm Italy and I like WW2 games lol

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