TOP10 Basic items you must own to survive World War 3


WW3 will happen soon and here are the TOP10 things you must have ready when the nukes starts flying. ——————————— Geiger Counter / Radiation …


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  1. Barry Cohen says:

    #11 is URGENT FACT!— World War 3 is on our doorstep and when it hits you will be exposed to WORLDWIDE TOXIC cell mutating radiation from the air, water and from the contaminated food you will eat! PROTECT YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE! You Need To learn about zeolite for radiation detox. See

  2. D BLOCK says:

    You can have all of these essentials and more, and still not make it a couple weeks. In my opinion being psychologically prepared is the most important thing along with ACTUAL survival experience. Skills like rigging up a tarp or lean-to for shelter, ability to hunt and fish, as well as having unrestricted mobility such as a truck or offroad vehicle are invaluable commodities to have during a cataclysmic event. PREPAREDNESS IS THE KEY TO SURVIVAL.

  3. Lenny Face says:

    Or you just do suicide 🙂 ways cheaper…

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