Total Collapse – The Build up to World War III



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  1. proslice56 says:

    It seems that just a handful of people that control the wealth of the world can bring about world wide destruction. It also seems that no matter who we choose to lead us, they are over come by the powers that be and succumb to their will. They create a faults facade with the illusion that we are free. In fact we are born into a world that is an illusion. Soon the truth will be set upon the people. how they choose to deal with it is up to them. The only thing we control is the way we think.

  2. jorgedefoe1 says:

    Why dont good videos like this become "viral"????
    How can we make it become viral?… Put bikini clad tits on the display frame according to those who know.
    Thanks again for posting another great video Envy.

  3. Stu Cazzo says:

    it only takes one asshole to ruin everybody's day….and he has bombs

  4. great vid. To those who lose their lives and already have in all this shit, Journey well and muh love to you all. Remember you honestly have nothing to fear.

  5. Grams79 says:

    Great video mna. Thank you. Keep up the great work.

  6. FinanceCat says:

    Very well done. Nice job.

  7. umpadedooo2 says:

    good vid, one of the first I saw on you tube after I woke up..
    Thanks for posting

  8. zedubman says:

    @proslice56 and the way we think is the only thing we need to control because thats where all things start to happen, our reality is only what we think it is…so we can create a new reality by thought alone. what fantastic powers we actually have..its getting ppl to wake up first is the hard step but when they do…….

  9. nuclear is not the future that stuff is old technology they have much better than that.

  10. MrMrBilko says:

    I heard that the British Thatcher Government tried to buy 10 South African nukes back in the 1980`s to prevent the future ANC Government from having control of them. Some of the top level British Conservative MP`s were gonna buy the bombs for one price and sell them to the British Government Treasury for a higher price and pocket the difference. Only problem is they were ripped off. They sent a young Dr Kelly to inspect the nukes but they were not in the prearranged location.

  11. Talk SLOWER and more clearly…otherwise, great stuff and completely correct

  12. bydesign001 says:

    @iflewoverthenest They are leading you down the road like lambs to the slaughter. Who do you think is running the occupy movement?

  13. bydesign001 says:

    @SGR1000 Extremely well said.

  14. macculu501 says:

    Personally from China ~ kind of hurts to see how we are now being portrayed in the US, have a bunch of friends there. Some food for thought

    – Product recalls, how come 2 years ago, it was on the news every day, but not any more
    – The Spratly / Senkaku islands dispute were decades old, why bring it up at this point? Why is China automatically the aggressor?
    – Why talk about Chinese human rights so much, when similar problems are all over?

    Don't know where else to vent this …

  15. Light james says:

    132 likes, And just 1 dislikes ok thats scary guys

  16. ossi43 says:

    @macculu501 China is a very peaceful country… many fail to see that, they will never risk to lose what they have built up in the last decades.

  17. TheBooostt says:

    wall st that are full of filthy jews, hitler was right but will be too late for all you dumb cunts to see because you listen to the commercial media

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