Tough Pak Army Warns Proponents Of ‘Adventurism’


Pakistan can fire missiles at only 10 minutes’ notice on all Indian cities: General. Kayani

The Chief of Army Staff, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, said on Friday that peace and stability in South Asia (and beyond) was the logical and fundamental principle underlining the security paradigm of Pakistan.  Addressing senior offi

cers at the General Headquarters here, Gen Kayani said that the army was alive to the full spectrum of threat that continued to exist both in conventional and unconventional domains.

He said that Pakistan Army stood committed and prepared to respond to any existing, potential or emerging threat. An army supported by 170 million people, with faith in Allah, is a formidable force to be reckoned with.   “Proponents of conventional application of military forces, in a nuclear overhang, are chartering an adventurous and dangerous path, the consequences of which could be both unintended and uncontrollable,” he said.

He said Pakistan was not oblivious to the unprecedented acquisition of sophisticated military hardware, synergised with an offensive military doctrine.
However, as a responsible nuclear state, Pakistan army would contribute to strategic stability and strategic restraint as per the stated policy of the government.

He said peace and stability in South Asia was the logical and fundamental principle underlining the security calculus of Pakistan.  The recent statement by Indian Army Chief Gen Kapoor about the two-front war strategy on which India was at present working, targeting China and Pakistan, had sent shock-waves among those aspiring for peace and stability in the region.

Commenting on Gen Kayani’s observation, a defense analyst observed that India had to be reminded from time to time that Pakistan was a nuclear power, fully capable of deterring any external aggression.

He pointed out that Pakistan could fire missiles at only 10 minutes’ notice on all Indian cities.

Pakistan is the fourth country in the world possessing cruise missiles which are considered to be capable of accurately hitting targets in India.

The maximum range of Indian missiles is 1500 kilometers while Pakistan’s Shaheen has a range of 3500 kilometers.

‘Indian Army Can’t Deal With Pakistan, Let Alone China’: Gen Majid

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee General Tariq Majid on Saturday rubbished the Indian media report which states that the Indian Armed Forces are preparing to fight China and Pakistan.

“Leave alone China, General Deepak Kapoor knows very well what the Indian Armed Forces can not and what the Pakistan Armed Forces can pull off militarily,” said General Tariq Majid.

He was responding to a question on the Indian Army Chief’s jingoistic pronouncement of Indian military preparations to fight China and Pakistan simultaneously.

General Majid said he doubted the veracity of the Indian media report attributed to General Kapoor, saying that “he (Kapoor) could not be so outlandish in strategic postulations to fix India on a self destruct mechanism.”

General Majid further said that if the news report is correct, then the statements of Indian Army Chief are uncalled for and only “display a lack of strategic acumen.”

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5 Responses

  1. Ammad says:

    There are many ways to win a war.But the best is without firing a shot. It is unfortunate that millions of Pakistanis are misled by their leaders into believing that bloodshed war is perhaps the only solution to the teething problems that exists in their society.The hype of conspiracy theories plague them.The leadership should focus the energy and resources to uplift the lives of their people, bring about peace in their community, decide and lay foundations on short and long term goals for their country’s growth, make laws stronger. The leadership must realise and lead their people on the path of progress. Creating hype for a war and destroying your own people, cities shows the destructive thought process that is prevalent in the Pakistan leadership.
    Today in the world, Pakistan is looked down upon as a state that uses terrorism as a state policy. Today Pakistan faces terrorist attacks in major cities.But its leaders blame- foriegn powers, external hand etc etc. But the citizens of Pakistan must ask their leaders, why were they created by their leadership in the first place. Pakistan is reaping the harvest it has sowed.Blaming others for your own follies and failures shows a weak and defeated ideology. It will be all the better for Pakistan, to focus on development of their society and growth of industry rather than preparing and spreading paranoia of war.

  2. Ammar says:

    A conflict situation between India and Pakistan will pose many unforeseen dangers, and the extremist elements which are a mutual threat for both countries will benefit from such an occasion. Both countries need to restore negotiations and come up with a joint strategy to fight extremism

  3. Sardar Khan says:

    Remind indians all the time of 1962 against China how badly they were beaten.If Ayub did not accepted USA pressure and have attacked india at the same time,the history would have been quite different from today and kapoor wouldn’t be able to speak like this today.
    Indians only know one language which is strength and millitary power,make sure to show them Pakistan’s Power and they will run like dog with tail between their legs.

  4. FayXaan says:

    ndia can only dream of fighting China and Pakistan..they cant survive 1 day if China is in front of them..and they cant fight Pakistan aswell, as they bark more bite never..

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