Trafficking In Lies About Syria


Stephen Lendman

Media scoundrels substitute lies for truth and full disclosure. They violate core journalistic ethics doing so. They threaten world peace.

They’re waging war on freedom. They do it shameless, recklessly and unapologetically. They continue ad nauseam.

Trafficking In Lies About Syria

Victims are called war criminals. Aggressive wars are called liberating ones. Western state terrorism is called humanitarian intervention.

Media scoundrels front for power. They support imperial lawlessness. Syria’s being ravaged and destroyed. Assad’s vilified for defending his nation responsibly.

He’s routing death squad invaders in the process. New ones commit massacres and vast destruction. Conflict continues daily. Ordinary Syrians suffer most. Media scoundrels turn a blind eye to who’s responsible.

Washington Post editors urge war on Syria. They’ve done so in numerous editorials. They continue irresponsibly. They betray their readers in the process.

On June 20, they headlined “Kosovo offers United States a roadmap for Syria,” saying:

“IT’S BEEN 14 years since the United States, defying Russian obstruction in the UN Security Council, launched an air campaign to stop a tyrant’s bloody aggression in his own country.”

“With US support, the rebels of Kosovo, then a province of Serbia, were able to repel the army of Slobodan Milosevic and take control of the province.”

“Critics warned at the time that US intervention would sow chaos or empower radicals. Instead it paved the way for the democratization of Serbia, independence for a democratic Kosovo and, at last, the beginning of a reconciliation.”

Hashim Thaci led “the Kosovo Liberation Army. (He’s) now the country’s prime minister.”

Fact check

US-led NATO waged lawless aggression. It did so against a nonbelligerent country. It ravaged and destroyed it in the process. Crimes of war and against humanity were committed.

Ruthlessness defines US policy. At issue is unchallenged imperial dominance. Human carnage is a small price to pay. So is vast destruction and ecocide. Fundamental rule of law principles don’t matter.

It’s the American way. It’s longstanding. It’s worse than ever today. Milosevic was attacked for governing independently. Managed news misinformation preceded aggressive war.

Serbia’s sovereign Kosovo territory was lost. It’s now Washington/NATO occupied territory. It’s run by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci. He’s an unindicted drug trafficker. He’s known to have organized crime ties.

He’s nicknamed “the Snake” for good reason. He founded the “Drenica Group.” It operated secretly. A December 2010 Council of Europe report said it trafficked in Serbian prisoner organs.

Thaci and other KLA commanders committed horrific human rights abuses. They were involved in prostitution, arms smuggling, and other criminal activities.

Thaci’s a US installed puppet. He’s a Madeleine Albright protege. She has her own cross to bear. She shares responsibility for Yugoslavia’s destruction. She remains unaccountable.

Thaci’s feted on visits to Washington and other European capitals. He belongs in prison, not high office. He heads Kosovo’s so-called Democratic Party (PKD).

It’s a puppet regime. It represents US interests. Don’t expect WaPo editors to explain. They urge a Yugoslavia solution for Syria. They called destroying its sovereignty a “limited US military intervention.”

Obama should draw a lesson from history, they say. They claim doing so “can save lives and stabilize troubled regions – even when Russia and the UN Security Council don’t approve.”

Saying so turns truth on its head. Former Yugoslavia no longer exists. Middle East countries suffer enormous turmoil. Wherever America shows up, crimes of war, against humanity and genocide follow.

WaPo columnist Charles Krauthammer represents the extreme far-right. He’s paid to lie. Hyperbole substitutes for verifiable facts. He supports lawless imperial wars. He wants Syria targeted and destroyed.

On June 20, he headlined “America sidelined, barely relevant,” saying:

He blames Assad for US-sponsored death squad crimes. He blames Russia for wanting peaceful conflict resolution. Washington bears full responsibility for initiating conflict in Syria.

Krauthammer called it “a spontaneous, secular, liberationist uprising.” He accused Russia and Iran of “reach(ing) for regional dominance – the ayatollahs solidifying their ‘Shiite crescent.’ “

Putin, he says, aims to “dislodge America as regional hegemon.” Russia and China represent the best chance for world peace. Achieving it depends on challenging Washington’s imperium.

It requires red line intolerance against further US aggression. Hopefully both countries are up to the challenge.

Krauthammer want greater US intervention. He wants Obama to “do something that will alter the course of the war.”

He wants Syria’s conflict turned into catastrophe. He wants it entirely ravaged and destroyed. He wants another US regional vassal state. He blames Obama for not pursuing it straightaway.

New York Times editors asked “Why Is Russia Still Arming Syria?” Why don’t they challenge Washington’s proxy war? Why don’t they explain it was planned years ago?

Why don’t they say Obama bears full responsibility for enlisting, arming, funding, training and directing extremist elements? The State Department designates them foreign terrorist organizations.

They’re drawn from dozens of countries. They’re sent to Syria lawlessly. They’re committing crimes of war and against humanity. Times editors don’t explain.

They pretend Syria’s conflict is a liberating one. They turn truth on its head saying so. They willfully lie to readers. “As long as Mr. Assad can count on military and political support from Russia,” they say, “he has no incentive to agree to a cease-fire or a political transition.”

Fact check

Assad forthrightly prioritizes ending conflict diplomatically. He said so numerous times. He didn’t just say it. He means it.

Times editors have no right to call for “political transition.” Syria’s a sovereign independent country. Syrians alone may decide who’ll lead them. International law prohibits outside interference.

Times editors support it. Doing so violates core rule of law principles. They do it repeatedly. They call Russia an “obstacle to a successful outcome in Syria.”

It’s Syria’s best chance to achieve one. In puts Syrians in charge of their own futures. The alternative is a US-dominated vassal state.

It eliminates another independent sovereign nation. It puts Islamofascists in charge. It assures continued charnel house violence. Times editors apparently approve. They’re in lockstep with imperial US viciousness.

Former Times executive editor Bill Keller claims Syria’s insurgency “is genuine and indigenous.” He lied saying so. There’s nothing civil about ongoing conflict. Syria was invaded. Washington-sponsored death squads are US foot soldiers.

So are Wall Street Journal editors. On June 15, they headlined “Syria’s Cease-Fire of the Grave,” saying:

“Assad, Russia and Iran are rolling over a timid West.This is the same Russia that has protected Mr. Assad from even the mildest UN sanctions.”

Perhaps Journal editors forgot. Syria’s under heavy pressure. It’s punished by multiple rounds of sanctions. They target government officials. They freeze assets and ban travel. They one-sidedly embargo arms.

They prohibit importing Syrian controlled oil. They impose fines on firms investing in Syria’s oil industry.

They sanction Syria’s main mobile phone operator, Syriatel. They target its largest private company, Cham Holding. They penalize Addounia TV, three construction companies, and investment firms linked to Syria’s military.

Other sanctions target Syria’s financial sector, state oil marketing firm Sytrol, and General Petroleum Corporation.

Surveillance equipment, precious metals, and other exports are banned. Cargo flights are prohibited. Relations with Syria’s central bank were suspended.

US companies and citizens are barred from investing in or trading with Syria. Its technology companies are targeted. They include computers, software and cell phones.

Obama’s gone all out to isolate Syria. He’s done it against Iran. He’s done it lawlessly. Journal editors didn’t explain. They blame Assad for Western-sponsored death squad crimes.

They want him forcibly removed from office. They want Washington controlling Syrian policy. They want another country ravaged and destroyed. They mischaracterize Assad viciously.

Arabi Souri explains. It’s a pseudonym he uses for protection. He’s a native Syrian. He lives in Germany. He supports Syrian sovereignty. So-called Free Syrian Army fighters destroyed his property. They threatened his life.

“Who is Bashar Assad,” he asked? He wrongfully vilified as “a brutal dictator. (He’s) a reformer. (He’s) done much to further the causes of democracy and freedom.”

Violent opposition elements threaten what most Syrians support. Foreign-backed “revolutionaries” harm their interests.

Assad introduced important reforms. He challenged “old guards who opposed them.” Many defected and left. They’re allied with Western interests. They betrayed their own people in the process.

In February 2012, Syrians overwhelmingly approved new constitutional provisions. Despite opposition boycotts and violence, 89.4% of eligible voters approved it. Another 9% opposed, and 1.2% of ballots were declared invalid.

Overall, 57.4% of Syrians participated. Given the risks taken to vote, turnout was impressive. Reforms instituted are important. They include political pluralism, presidential term limits, and press freedom.

On May 7, first time ever parliamentary elections were held. It was a milestone political event. Independent candidates participated.

Despite ongoing insurgent violence, turnout was high. Voting went smoothly. Independent monitors supervised the process. They included intellectuals, legislators and judicial authorities from other countries.

For Syrians, it was historic. Ba’ath party members won a 60% majority. Previously they held just over 50% control. With support from independent MPs, they comprise 90% of Syria’s parliament. Opposition party members were also elected.

Washington called elections farcical. US and other Western reports mocked them. They vilified legitimate democratic change. They want subservient puppet governance running Syria. They want Syrians having no say.

Souri said Syria’s “crisis is not a civil war or rebellion, but a foreign aggression against a sovereign nation.” Assad’s responsibly defending his nation to defeat it.

Around 70% of Syrians support him. They do so for good reason. They want Syrian sovereignty respected. They want outside interference stopped. They want Syrians alone to decide who’ll lead them. International law supports them.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”

Visit his blog site at

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