TransAsia 235 Crashes Center of Solstice/Equinox: Taipei 101,Saturn/Illuminati Fingerprints!



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  1. mackenstood says:

    always like ya man I know I'm gonna hear some good music!

  2. steve keays says:

    great video Houseoflogic. This is a vid many more people should see who care about Transasia at all,but as with my last vid ,so many people are put off by the occult links,maybe they think they will get posssesed if they know too much,or else it simply scares them to know too much. That was incredible how 10:54 is 9/11 upside down,and how you would even realize all these things  . The song at the end was Joe Walsh btw, funny because its a song I always like and I played it just before my last vid,and was thinking about using it as the background music. Anyhow thanks for posting and keeping the  fight alive to get to the truth in this matter,Im still working on it when I have time here and there. 

  3. steve keays says:

    I jusdt found this interesting info about the winter solstice and its relation to satanism
    which was written by a satanist

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