Transformers: Arrival to Earth – Violins – Taylor Davis


I’M GOING ON TOUR IN EUROPE! Download this song from me here: Or on iTunes here: …


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  1. OMG so beautiful and I can totally hear Optimus voice

  2. nice 10+++ of you :)

  3. This song is too awesome, for such a shitty movie… And I'm glad that you're rendition is beautiful. Well played. :)

  4. very good !!!!
    i like all of ur songs !

  5. Lindsey and You give me the violin fever ! i play violin since 2 years ! it s so great and i am addicted !!!

  6. i want to say you THANK YOU !

  7. Roar RAP says:

    I want this to be played at my funeral!

  8. ereslamejo para mi tía, ERE unajenia

  9. LiL Box says:

    i start my day with this

  10. Can you try doing Zinnia's battle theme from Pokemon ORAS

  11. Me encanto, maravilloso este sonido

  12. Got goosebumps after 2:44

  13. Saul Torres says:


  14. Taylor I Love You, perfect You. Brasil ??

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