Trayvon’s Body–Graphic–This Is Reality


Monica Davis

This is real, people. It is not some reality show. It is real. One man killed another because he did not stay in his car and wait for the police as he was told to do by the 911 dispatcher. He took it upon himself to follow Trayvon.

Trayvon’s Body–Graphic–This Is Reality

Now others are howling that what he did was self defense. For sure a kung googoo foo master may have been able to kill a person with a bag of Skittles,  but Trayvon was not such a person. He was a troubled kid on his way home from a convience store.

And, for the convenience of another man’s ego, a cop wannabe followed him, ignoring a command to remain in his vehicle. Self defense?

How so? One man instigated this by following Trayvon, ‘

There’s an old saying about not bringing a knife to a gunfight.  How about Skittles?

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  1. carl says:

    this tragedy was started by racist bias on both their part ,he got out of the car thinking he caught the crook stealing from the homes in that area,the young man was angry that he was being accused of something he did not do words were said angry words then it escalated to pushing and punches thrown,banging the mans head on the cement he panicked and pulled his gun and fired.If not for the gun tray would be standing up for a murder of the man by blunt force trauma to the back of the head.This was a stupid violent way to act,and that is the crime for both of them,one paid with his life the other has ruined his life.When violence is let loose even in fun some one can get hurt,this was not in fun it was anger maybe hate and it took two to make it happen.

  2. Leo says:

    Why should I feel sorry for Trayvon Martin when I red a story like this . Four blacks murder and torture a young white couple before killing them .

    • carl says:

      this was a hate crime but because of politics and media bias it won’t get the coverage in the press or TV.It is racist at its core and politically correct but it is the world we live in ,unless we undo this crap of corporate controlled media with political bias or propaganda being put out as news it will continue

  3. Former Paratrooper says:

    Does this man look like a “CHILD” to you. Give me a break.

  4. Davidus Romanus says:

    What about the black man killed by the half white Aaron Hernandez (formerly of the New England Patriots)? Where are the demonstrators for justice for him? What about the over two hundred black people killed by blacks since Trayvon Martin was killed? Where are the demonstrators for them?

  5. Elaine says:

    This is the photo taken of him right before he died,..doesn’t quite fit the “poor little innocent kid photo”:

  6. 5 War Veteran says:

    adcito took over a minute to load on this one.

    Why are you posting this? It is racially motivated and that perpetuates racism. Trayvon made a poor choice. Do you think he would have gone near Zimmerman had he known Zimmerman carried a gun? Would we even be seeing this if Zimmerman had been black?

    What part of Zimmerman was on the ground Trayvon on top smashing Zimmerman’s head into the pavement is so hard to understand? The gun was pulled AFTER the attach had started and continued.
    This was not a casual shooting and Trayvon was NOT SHOT IN THE BACK. What was a 17 year old kid doing out at 3 am? This was a failure of the parents. Who needs skittles at 3 am? My kids are in at 10 pm unless with specific permission because I AM RESPONSIBLE. Where was the parents responsibility in this?


    The TRIAL IS OVER! Zimmerman was found not guilty, get over it and stop making it into something it wasn’t.
    Obama is as white as Zimmerman, if he had pulled the trigger would we still be seeing this because Obama is half white?
    Or did the rules change and Hispanics are “all” white now? Are people only white when you want them to be? THAT IS RACISM………..

    PAKALERTPRESS stop posting racially motivated material solely designed to continue a failing racial paradigm.

    Or is it Obama is black when he is president but white when it is needed for some other agenda? Also racism.

    People of the United States. The only way racism will end is if we stop perpetuating it. Be responsible for your own actions and let others be responsible for theirs.

    Zimmerman followed Trayvon because that was his assigned duty as neighborhood watch.

    Trayvon had complete and full capability to walk away. He chose to confront. HIS choice. Trayvon was not an “innocent child” as some media have proposed. He had a rap sheet. Suspended three times in school, arrested for carrying a “break in” tool and women’s jewelery he claimed was not his. Posted a tweet taking credit for attacking a bus driver. Arrested with a pot pipe and a baggie with marijuana residue. At what point are these things the actions of an innocent? What defines a thug?

    Again Trayvon made a poor choice and Barack Obama needs to make an admission of those facts as well. Heal the country do not perpetuate the problem, that is what a real president would do. You want change then take responsibility.

    As I look at the posts below I am impressed with the intelligence and sense written into every post to this point, using facts not conjecture. Thank you for not perpetuating racism.

  7. cherykie says:

    I understand that Zimmerman was looking for an address to inform the police of his position, not running after Martin, whom he had lost in the dark. I also heard on “the young turks” that Martin was dressed in a sweatshirt, not a hoodie. Did he change after he went to the store? He definitely had a hoodie on there. Was there an enforceable curfew? If so, why was Martin roaming around at 3 am? We are all individually responsible for the decisions we make, for good or for bad, and sometimes tragedy is the result of our decisions.

  8. andrew welsh says:

    This is an extremely poor piece of journalism. It is propaganda instead of facts. I will not read this publication again..

  9. Leo says:

    Photos like these being published on the web are going to do nothing but inflame more and more people to riot and stir even more anger . In addition to this it is going to make the Zimmerman transition back to normal life many more times difficult than it already is . It is already being published on the web that Zimmerman is being given his gun back . realizing he was found not guilty of the charges so there for that entitled him to his gun back, still that fact did not have to be published . what next photos of Zimmerman waving his gun and smiling ? making a bad situation get even worse . these photos should not have been published nor the fact that Zimmerman was given his gun back . The U.S. media is a three ring circus .

    • Adam says:

      Agreed. Even this article is nothing more than an inflammatory piece by someone who is not satisfied with the jury’s verdict. This article fails to mention that part of Trayvon’s trouble was the at least ENJOYMENT of violence as he ref’ed bare knuckled fist fights at his school for sport. Did he ever participate in one? No DOUBT he was an angry young man as anger is usually what begets the trouble a young black man is prone to get into. The area that he was raised was wrought with gangs and gang violence. And he did not go untouched by that as evidence by his tattoos on his chest. He might not have been a gang banger. But he was aspiring.

      The author, by using the Skittles talking point is attempting to illicit the mental image of a child as candy is often associated with children. I’d remind the author of this article that he was less than a year away from being legally allowed to pick up a machine gun and go kill an enemy of the state. That is not exactly a 12 year old.

      Also the author fails to point out that at least according to testimony, Zimmerman never caught up with him and HE caught up with Zimmerman. And as a young black man might do who probably felt disrespected as we can extrapolate from his girlfriend at the time, he confronted Zimmerman. Not the other way around. And it also fails to point out that his testimony was that Trayvon was wrestling the gun away from his holster and, by his threats of “How does it feel to know you’re gonna die tonight mother f’er.?!” we can extrapolate that had he been successful at getting hold of the weapon, he WOULD HAVE used it against Zimmerman.

      This is still in line with self defense. He believed in his heart, when Trayvon started to wrestle with him for the gun that he was going to use it against him. And at that point it was a “him or me” situation. And now, as Trayvon is trying to get the holstered weapon, TRAYVON becomes the aggressor. Yes it may be true that Zimmerman did not stay in the car. But the author also makes it sound as if the 911 dispatcher was an authority over Zimmerman. I would remind her, if she did not already know it, that, a 911 operator is not DEPUTIZED and cannot ORDER a civilian to do or not do anything. They do not have legal authority to give orders as a law enforcement officer. So it is not as if Zimmerman told the law to F off and went out for some kind of vigilante justice. Rather he disregarded a safety precaution by making a legal decision to attempt to maintain a visual.

      It’s very true that if Zimmerman had of stayed in the truck that night Trayvon would have still been alive. But it is also true that if Trayvon had of chosen not to engage Zimmerman in a physical or verbal altercation and rather go or stay home once he got there and not double back to go catch the “cracker” that was following him, it STILL would not have happened.

      The culpability is equal in this case. Two for the most part, men, made bad choices that night. Trayvon made one more bad choice than Zimmerman when he let his rage get the best of him and threatened him and proceeded to try and relieve Zimmerman of his weapon while he was in a prostrate position.

      Let me tell you this. I don’t care who it is. If I wind up in a physical altercation with someone for whatever reason, no matter who started it; and the person I’m rolling in the dirt with tells me he is going to kill me, has me down on the ground and goes for my holstered weapon? As pro-life as I am, I’m going to make SURE that he cannot live up to that promise if it is at all within my power to do so. My will to live is too strong and I suppose Zimmerman’s was too.

  10. Michael J. Marsalek says:

    There are several key points about Monica Davis’ story that need to be corrected. The police dispatcher did not and could not order George Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon Martin. The preponderence of the evidence showed and the jury decided that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self defense.Trayvon Martin is dead because of Trayvon Martin – not George Zimmerman.

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