Tren-D NEW ARRIVALS in Downtown Disney Marketplace


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  1. Thank you for posting this. Giving me something to watch while the blizzard is going on outside!

  2. I love disney world, I go every year and I love to watch these videos because I find out even more cool stuff!

  3. thank you for the update.

  4. My daughter is going to love all these treasures, I guess I will need to work some overtime to pay for all of

  5. zoenick12 says:

    love love love all the new Minnie stuff esp the scarf-need to find that on ebay-still loving these vids

  6. Just found your channel and watched all your videos 😀
    Im on my first trip to DisneyWorld this september from Australia and your videos really help with what shops and items to look out for, so thankyou!

  7. PixieRealm says:

    The bono Minnie stuff was discontinued :(. Found the wristlet , pin and scarf on eBay but not one clothing item.  Im trying to collect it all

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