TRUMP AND PUTIN Alliance Will Destroy The New World Order


TRUMP AND PUTIN Alliance Will Wipe out The New World Order


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  1. Take heart all nations…. Soros n the NWO, ISIS will b wiped out. God has anointed Trump to not just to make America great again but this great man with the help of great Putin will change the whole world for the better.

  2. yeah dont ya know China is scared shitless? for real.. and NATO is crying

  3. MoonKine says:

    quit deceiving people

  4. One says:

    umless they are rothschild owned controlled opposition.

  5. what would be a nice dream is usa , Russia , and china get together and make this a rich and happy world free from war , starvation , and poverty. o'well we can dream.

  6. what a b7nch of Dum asses they are the new world order..Trump is the leader
    who you think is the new world order
    who's the richest people in the world
    the globalist..
    the Corporations..ding s

  7. so god might exist after all 🙂 or good aliens

  8. Trump did not introduce new world order, but O, B, and C have their famous slogan of new worl govt

  9. what retard think that the Trump is not illuminati puppet ? you think new world order dont control Trump ? dont be funny guys , check your self blind retards

  10. Rosa Baez says:

    we dont need any discord with any country unless they r a real threat to us. putin hates isis and is happy that, for once, the us us aiding in ridding the word if a great enemy.

  11. Robyn King says:


  12. President Trump will save the world from Number Bombs!!!!!

  13. dia zap says:

    i am so so glad that Trump is our new President, and fuck nobama and his world order, fuking asshole.

  14. of course it will! muahaha! ??? now, america needs to rid of soros like russia did!

  15. Putin and Trump put me in charge of all their nuclear wepons.

  16. sarahi lopez says:


  17. George Soros ( Guilty of Treason against the USA ) Lock him up in Guantanamo.

  18. it would be great if our elected officials like Graham got the message that we the citizen are sick and tired of warring. we realize people like him fucked things up so bad that our dollar is backed by the war machine running and if we don't have a war somewhere our economy will tank. so thanks for nothing Graham and the rest of you globalist. Trump AND Putin will end globalization, Soros, endless warring and the world wide destruction of society by the radical Muslims. y'all were so busy filling your pockets ya didn't do your job so FYI…DO YOUR JOB OR YOU WILL BE NO MORE…THE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING.

  19. trid2bnrml says:

    We need to not just bring the NWO to it's knees – WE NEED TO BURY IT PERMANENTLY

  20. coojsta69 says:

    lmao at the title …trump is backed by the zio mafia so more of the same people


  22. Luke Johnson says:

    How can all of u buy into this so easily?! I do hope this vid is true but Trumps son-in-law is Jewish and trump still openly supports ISRAEL. I really do hope this is truthful though

  23. Jo Peskett says:

    We in Britain have woken up and we will not stop fighting for our freedoms, culture, freedom of speech , and peace for our children,and grand children,our cultures, our faith ,??????????✝✝✝

  24. "World war 3 is looking less & less likely "…Humanity can breath easier now !!!!…I say GO TO IT, Trump & Putin neutralise these inhumane creatures…the so called "New world order ".

  25. Victor Borg says:

    With Putin and President Trump there will be an unstoppable force that will destroy the NWO and radical Islam. The world order will be fair at last

  26. Sam Awada says:

    putin is well aware of isreal and the Jewish lobbyists..I hope trump is well aware of there intent

  27. chief ramon says:

    I'm mexican all this new stuff I've Ben hearing about Donald trump gives allot of hope for him ????

  28. George SOROS needs to get the jimmy hoffa treatment. To send a message to all the other rich fucks who want to rule the New World Order

  29. Brya Saver says:

    There needs to be this alliance since the globalists are using China.

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