Trump and The Illuminati Rising – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 51


Trump and The Illuminati Rising – Extremely Spiritual Lifetime episode 51
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Music in this movie: FEMA Camp Teach Track by Dustin Thomas.

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It is really apparent that the Illuminati are earning a force for a entire globe get in excess of with Donald Trump. This movie totally points out Donald Trump’s Illuminati involvement and New Planet Buy agenda.


23 Responses

  1. TanjaEubanks says:

    Insert Morgan Freeman He's Right, You Know meme

  2. Shauna Force says:

    Not wearing aluminum foil on your head to stop them from brainwashing you. Fake.

  3. brittfunme says:

    not sure if you were joking or telling all truth, due to the funny faces and in a bathtub scenerio.. sounds all truth .. can be confusing for others when all told in this goofy way

  4. This video is nothing more than reverse reptilian mind control propaganda.

  5. Gypsy2Go says:

    JP, your profound enlightenment qualifies you for a key Whitehouse advisory position. Bannon is the leaker, Priebus the target. You're in!

  6. MiMi SeeYou says:

    Silver bug and preparedness/adult/commonsensical here … and still found this hilarious! You should have eaten cat food.

  7. as you bury extra dirt, you will have some extra dirt, then again, so would you not be a suspect because you are constantly buryingdirt?

  8. dawndefender says:

    Watch this video high for the full effect

  9. lairx says:

    That was brilliant, JP.

    Especially considering many comments this vid got;
    a never-ending cycle of self-fulfilling conspiracy theories sucking people's brains out & leaving them dumber than ever.

  10. how blind are you? is this a joke you are so smart and awake yet you put blinders on here.

  11. chill out says:

    also we don't know how we are being controlled by the tv vibes and the seeing eye laptops. it's all true JP

  12. Da G-evil says:

    5:18 – 666 luminati hand sign

  13. yesssssss, lets moann to u

  14. Ari Heino says:

    They can have my food and water, but take away my Internet, and I'll get homicidal.

  15. Rich Le says:

    I have heard everything this guy said before at Venice Beach parties or in Hollywood coffee houses.

  16. 2:57 his hand is a 6…ILLUMINATI

  17. illuminati back words does go to nsa ???????

  18. I love that you rock Dustin Thomas! You're breaking super spiritual records and spiritually blowing minds… actually I need to meditate on that right away.

  19. Mandoreen says:

    All the amateur illuminati videos I've seen over the years condensed to one easy to understand video. The funny thing is, if the illuminati was real this would be exactly the kind of video they would want you to see to think they weren't real. Stay woke fam. It's lit. I can't even. I'm crying. jk lol kms drink bleach insert more memes here. The world is ending in 2012. Pineal gland = decalcified. Vibrations = Hitachi Magic Wand.

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